7 Marathi Matrimonial Myths That Still Exists In Marathi Matrimony

Marathi Matrimonial

Indian weddings are all about fun and celebrations; however, each is different in terms of rituals, traditions, and beliefs. Drinking and eating non-vegetarian food is very much okay at a Catholic wedding. It's a custom for them, but when it comes to a Marathi Matrimony, having pure veg for the wedding menu is a must. And if you think this is only limited to food, you must know that Marathi Matrimony also has its share of myths and superstitions that will surprise you. Curious to know more? Read on to know everything about these Marathi Matrimonial myths right away. 

Marathi Matrimonial Myths We Bet You Didn’t Know Still Exists

  1. The Color Of Your Henna Mehendi Is Important: In Marathi Matrimonial, people believe that the dark Mehendi color of the bride means that her chances of becoming the apple of her mother-in-law's eyes increases. It also means that her husband will always keep her happy and love her till death do them apart. However, these are all superstitions since no cone can ever guarantee a dark color. It's all about how your skin reacts to the color, so dear bride-to-be, make sure you don't take this too seriously. No color can justify how happy your marriage can be in the future. 
  1. Couple Has To Carry A Sharp Object For Their Wedding: When it comes to customs and rituals, Marathi matrimonials are simpler than North Indian weddings; however, they do come with their share of myths. And this one will blow your mind. As per popular belief, both the bride and her groom have to carry a sharp metal object for their wedding. It is so because this sharp object will bless the couple and protect them from evil spirits and Buri Nazar. The couple should carry this object from the time they get engaged till the very end of their functions. Now that's bizarre, ain't it? 
  1. Rain Is A Blessing: We all secretly pray that it does not rain during our wedding; because rains mean traffic and the risk of getting our outfit spoiled increases. However, when it comes to Marathi Matrimonial, the rain only means good luck and fortune. Wondering how? Well, as per the local folklore and superstitious belief, rains bring fertility as well as prosperity and wealth in the couple's life. So while everyone else prays to the rain gods to have some mercy, people in Marathi Matrimony pray for a heavy downpour. 
  1. Food Exhibition: No, it's not what it sounds like. The myth of Marathi Matrimonial is bizarre and unfair to the bride. Here, there's a ritual called Rukhwat where the bride's family holds an exhibition displaying everything the bride has cooked. The ritual is performed to show her in-laws and society that she is good at handling household chores and will be a great wife and daughter-in-law post marriage. This ceremony is held right after the auspicious date of the wedding is finalized by both families. We honestly feel that the groom should also go through this ritual. What are your thoughts?
  1. Don't Spill The Milk: It's a wedding household, and it's bound to be chaotic. And while you can get away with anything, there's one thing that's a big NO in Marathi Matrimonial. You'll be surprised to know that spilling milk while it boils is considered inauspicious in Marathi Matrimony. You'll be surprised to know that most traditional Marathi households call this a bad omen ahead of a wedding. It can happen anytime at any place, and it's fine. So, if you are getting hitched in a Marathi-style Matrimony soon, do not believe in this. 
  1. Right Foot Forward Is A Must: This one is a post-wedding ritual, which is highly followed in Marathi Matrimony. Here, the Maharashtrian bride must enter her new house by stepping on her right foot first. It is so because entering with the left foot is considered bad and unlucky. And the ritual is only followed by the bride since it symbolizes the entry of Laxmi into the household.
  1. Full Moon Brings Good Luck: One myth and superstition that's highly followed in a Marathi Matrimony is that if there's a full moon before your wedding day, it's a sign that your wedding will bring you luck and fortune. It is so because a full moon is considered to be the sign of good fortune and luck. A Marathi Matrimony has too many such myths and superstitions; while most of them are harmful, they still impact weddings and society in general.

On that note, which of the above-mentioned myths sounds more bizarre to you? Let us know in the comments below. Also, have you come across more such myths? If yes, mention them in the comments below

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