7 Mandap Shots Every Bride Should Have On Her List

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Wedding is the MOST important day of every bride's life. And while prepping for the wedding and finalising the outfits is fun, it's the pictures on your special day that seal the moments forever. And as a bride, we are sure you have tons of photo ideas floating in your mind. If not, don't worry at all! And if not, then here are seven mandap shot ideas that you must add to your shot list right away. 

These shots are a perfect mix of quirk and tradition and we are sure you'll love each one of them. So what are you waiting for? Add this to your shot list and discuss it with your photographer right away. (PS: You can thank us later.)

Mandap Shots That Are A Must For Every Bride

  1. The One Where There's Phoolon Ki Barsaat: Sitting in the mandap with your groom-to-be in the presence of your loved ones is one emotional moment for every bride. And to ensure that the rawness of this is captured in the frame, you cannot miss out on this shot. The shot where everyone is showering rose petals on you as a couple not only looks beautiful but is also a happy moment worth capturing. So ensure that your photographer captures this mandap shot by all means.
  1. The One With Your Dear Parents: When you sit in the mandap with your groom, your parents will be there with you right by your side. And to ensure that you have the picture-perfect moment captured, must add this mandap shot to your list. It should be a shot where your parents are blessing you and your partner - you can choreograph this shot as well. Either way - it's a shot that will make you nostalgic as a bride. 
  1. One With Your Pet: If you are a bride, who has a cute furry pet, then this shot is perfect for you. While you are at the mandap, ask one of your family members to bring the pet and strike a cute pose with them. You can also put a small bindi on their forehead, make them wear a tiny Kurta, and we are sure they will look adorable. Instruct your photographer about this mandap shot beforehand, so they are ready with it. Photographing pets can be tricky; however, it's your big day, and we are sure your furry one will understand that. 
  1. One With The Groom Teasing You: Weddings are emotional; however, every wedding has some fun moments that need to be captured. And one moment that you must capture as a bride is your groom's expression. As soon as you enter the mandap, we are sure your groom will be in awe and have some funny yet romantic expressions on his face. And to ensure that you capture his raw expressions, discuss this mandap shot with your photographer so that they know what needs to be captured. 
  1. Your Royal Entry Shot: You are the bride, and it's your BIG day. And everyone attending your wedding will be looking forward to seeing you as a bride. Hence, taking a royal entry mandap shot for your wedding is a must. Check some shots for reference, finalize one you like the most, and discuss it with your photographer. The idea here is to not copy someone, but to create your style and look your absolute best. It is your BIG day and we are sure you want your mandap shot to be nothing but perfect. So discuss it, plan it to the perfection and ensure that you achieve the shot of your dreams. 
  1. One While Taking Pheras: Every bride wants this iconic and traditional shot on their marriage.  Add this mandap shot to your list and you can also discuss some ideas with your groom. In this day and age of social media, you can also do some fun shots for the gram, while keeping the traditional one for your photo albums. While taking pheras you can stop for a minute, get that surprised reaction from your partner and ask the photographer to capture it. Or you can simply look behind and smile at your partner, the choice is yours. 
  1. One Traditional Shot: Yes, this goes without saying, and we are sure you already have it on your list. But ensure that you take a shot wherein you and your partner look like a dream couple. From royal poses to cute Me & You poses, there are tons of poses that you can experiment with. Not all traditional shots need to look the same; some can also look quirky yet traditional. Do some research about the poses, discuss them with your partner, choreograph a few, and we are sure you will have the mandap shots of your dreams. 

On that note, if you have to suggest one Mandap shot to your bestie who’s getting married soon, which one would that be? Let us know in the comments below.

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