7 Budget-friendly Activities You Can Plan For Your Wedding Day

wedding day

A wedding is not only about celebrating the love of two people, but it's also about getting everyone together for a celebration under one roof. It's more about spreading joy and making memories as a family together. Be it Mehendi or Sangeet or Cocktail - every function is equally entertaining. From wearing suave outfits to dancing to your favourite songs, you can do a lot on the wedding day. 

And with the wedding season upon us, here are some fun activities you should plan for your wedding. They are fun and budget-friendly activities, which will not only get everyone under one roof but will also make sure that you have a gala time with your gang. So start taking notes, since we have tonnes of fun recommendations waiting for you below! 

7 Budget-Friendly Activities To Organize On Your Wedding Day 

  1. Arrange For A DJ-Request box: Bride and groom are the highlights of all the wedding functions-however, one person who is also the highlight is the DJ. Everyone loves to bother the DJ with their song requests. But at times, with everyone requesting their songs to the DJ, things can get a bit confusing. Hence, to save everyone from that confusion, set up a DJ request box at your function, and ask everyone to put their song recommendations in the box. This way, everyone gets a chance to dance to their favourite song at your wedding.
  1. Say Yes To A Food truck: No wedding day is complete without functions like cocktail and sangeet. And while these functions are fun, they also cost a lot since people end up drinking more and eating less, which turns into the wastage of food. So as a budget-friendly option, arrange for a late-night food truck for your guests. Good food is all that is needed to re-energize the guests after a fun night. Make sure to have a food truck with choices that make everyone happy. It will be a fun, budget-friendly activity for your guests, where they get to choose from dishes at the food truck, and it will save you some money too. 
  1. Look For Budget-Friendly Gift Options: At weddings, we tend to give out return favors to the guests who took the effort to attend the wedding. But at times, the gifts we choose are expensive and have no utility to them. So, this time, instead of giving a showpiece or a box of dry fruits, present your guests with something that will be useful for them. Plan a budget with your partner, and give them something with a personal touch. You can give them a sapling with a hand-written note or a customized treat-the choice is yours. Such gifts will remind them of the happy times they had at your wedding, and they will also thank you for the cute surprise.
  1. Badges: Gift Your Gang Some Badges. The reason: Your friends are always there with you and do everything for you no matter what. And on your wedding day, if you want to express your appreciation for them, then how about gifting them such cute badges? You can give badges to your friends and cousins, which have funny tags on them like 'Bride squad,' 'Ladkewale' or 'Team bride' - this will make them stand out from the rest. You can also have your signature couple logo printed on those badges to make them feel extra special. It's a budget-friendly idea and will be loved by your friends. In fact, you can also make a few for you and your partner that will complement your wedding outfits. 
  1. Plan A Qawwali night: Want to sing your heart out at your wedding and shine like a pop star? If yes, then how about arranging a musical Qawwali  night? Divide your guests into teams and make this musical night memorable for everyone. And if, as a couple, you don't want to sing, you can always be the judge and cheer for your favourite team. You can also ask the team to sing some of your favourite songs. Bonus will be the moment when you try and get this Qawwali  night organized under the stars.
  1. Host A Chat Eating Competition: This one is the most unique and budget-friendly activity you can arrange for your marriage. You can organize a competition between team bride and groom, and keep a fun prize for the winners. To make things spicier at your wedding, you can ]add some fun rules and enjoy the drama. Wedding day activities can at times cost a BOMB, but if you plan such budget-friendly activities,  you would definitely end up saving a lot. 
  1. Arrange A Friendly cricket/football match: This one is our favorite, and you must thank Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jones for introducing us to this concept. Just like them, you too can have a friendly match, and it can be ladkewale vs the ladkiwale or girls vs boys. You can pick the teams, be the captain, choose the sport, and have all the fun you want on your wedding day. You can also keep a dare where the winning team can get the losing team to do something fun like preparing an impromptu dance performance. 

So dear couples, if you have to add one budget-friendly activity to your wedding day from this list, which one would that be? Let us know in the comments below. 

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