6 Wedding Day Superstitions That Will Bowl You Over

Wedding Day Superstitions

A wedding is not only a special occasion for the girl and the boy, but it's also an equally auspicious and joyous occasion for their families as well. From decor to the venue and bridal outfits, people make sure to do everything in the right way. Hence, everyone in the family is very particular with the wedding rituals and traditions since they don't want anything wrong to happen. And when we speak about right and wrong, one thing that no wedding is complete without is the wedding day superstitions. From not seeing each other before the wedding to considering rain on the wedding day as auspicious, there are a lot of wedding superstitions that people, around the world, follow. 

And if you are going to get hitched soon, or are generally curious to know more about these superstitions, then we have curated a list that will definitely bowl you over. So without further ado, here are six wedding day superstitions that people around the world follow religiously. 

6 Wedding Superstitions That Will Definitely Amuse You 

  1. Raining On The Wedding Day: No one prefers rain on their wedding day. If it starts pouring on your wedding day, you get agitated since it not only causes a traffic jam but also spoils the venue if you have an outdoor one. Besides, the probability of your wedding outfit getting spoiled also increases. But in some cultures, if it rains on your wedding day, it's good luck. Rain on your wedding day represents fertility and cleansing. Hence, some people consider it good luck if it rains on their wedding day. It is one of the popular wedding superstitions that people follow around the world. 
  1. Seeing Your Partner Before The Wedding: This wedding superstition is not only followed thoroughly in India, but several countries around the world also follow this. So much so that It has also been a part of a few classic rom-coms. This ritual dates back in time when weddings only happened the ‘arranged’ way. People believed that if the couple saw each other before the ceremony, it would not only bring bad luck to the couple and their families, but the couple might also change their minds about the wedding if they got the time to see each other. Now that’s quite bizarre, don’t you agree?
  1. Breaking Of Glasses: This particular wedding day superstition is quite popular in Italy, where the newlyweds smash a glass, plate, or a vase at their wedding and do it with utmost sincerity. While it's a fun thing to watch and capture, the folklore states that the breaking of the glass signifies the married life of the newlywed. The number of pieces the glass breaks into signifies the number of years the couple will be happily married. And while this is quite an old wedding day superstition, couples still follow it sincerely. Some do it for fun and some to keep the traditions alive. You might have seen the same ritual in Sex and the city two when Harry and Charlot get hitched and it takes a while for the glass to break. 
  1. Crying On Your Wedding Day: This wedding-day superstition is particularly famous for girls. Girls tend to get emotional when they are about to leave their maternal home and step into a new house and build a new life with their partners,  so they cry a lot. However, the significance behind the bride crying on her wedding day is that she has shed all her tears and will start her new life with luck and happiness. So if you believe in this tradition, go all out and cry at your wedding, but make sure to wear waterproof mascara. You want to look beautiful while crying right? So, sort the makeup bit first. 
  1. Knives As A Wedding Gift: People like to be thoughtful when it comes to presenting a gift to newlyweds. They aim to give something useful, and honestly, couples appreciate such presents. However, there's one gift that no one appreciates-  Knives. If you think that giving a designer knife set to your friends at their wedding is a fab idea, you must know that many consider it as an inauspicious gift item. As per the old folklore, a knife symbolizes a broken relationship, and when gifted, it only brings bad luck. It may be a wedding day superstition, but people are too particular about it. So remember, no knives to people as a gift, especially on their wedding day. 
  1. Wearing A Veil: Wearing a veil is now a fashion statement for every bride. From Priyanka Chopra's much-talked-about veil to all the designer ones available in the market, brides go all out to choose their perfect marriage veil. However, this custom started as a wedding superstition way back in Rome, when a bride would wear a veil to protect herself from evil people who were jealous of her happiness. And this tradition has transformed and become one of the auspicious parts of every bride's outfit and bridal entry. 

Well, these are just a few wedding day rituals that people look up to religiously across the world. Some follow it to keep the traditions alive, while others like to do it as a part of the trend. And we are sure that there are many such superstitions, and if you know of one that will completely take us by surprise, do share it with us in the comments below since we would love to know more about it.

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