6 Unique Ways To Entertain Guests on Your Wedding

wedding entertainment ideas

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event with some amusing touches to spice up the ceremonial moments and add your flair to the celebration. Whether you plan your ceremony at a banquet hall or your house, wedding entertainment ideas can be organised everywhere. Furthermore, it is your friends and family that are looking forward to some fun.

Some relatively basic yet joyous activities will certainly improve your guests' emotions. Because your wedding guest list is not confined to any single age group, it is best to include games or activities for everyone because it is your wedding and you want to include everyone on your special day. Take a look at some of the interesting wedding entertainment ideas you may plan for the guests at your wedding.

1. Photo Booth

Photos are a way to freeze our favourite moments and bring back memories even if we forget them. Having a fun photo booth at your wedding is a way to make it memorable for you and your guests.

Who doesn’t love taking photos, that too when you are in your favourite lehenga or a suit at a relative or friend’s wedding. Adding a fun theme to the photo booth will make it much more memorable and interesting for your guests. This also allows the guests to take some candid pictures if the theme of the photo booth entices them. But don’t forget, the theme should match your wedding environment or destination.

2. DJs

Well, DJs have become an integral part of Indian wedding celebrations. Music always fills the emptiness in a place or person and brings back the surroundings to life. There is no factual reason to avoid music or DJs in once-in-a-lifetime memorable events like weddings. Music is for all kinds of events apart from weddings. When the DJ plays a perfect song suitable for everyone's mood and all the guests are enjoying your wedding without any second thoughts in their mind, think of that moment. Because that would be magical more than memorable. 

3. Fireworks

DJs become an integral part of our celebrations. But on the other hand, fireworks are always an integral part, not just during the Diwali festival but also during the wedding functions held at many houses. 

This is something that everyone will enjoy for sure irrespective of their age. They’ll add some extra sparkles to your wedding celebrations. But don’t forget to perform this without any safety measures.

4. Grand Entry

Think about the reaction of your bride or groom and your guests, when you are making a unique and grand entry to the wedding venue; pretty exciting right. Apart from the traditional ones, think of some unique ways you want to make your entry to the wedding because at the end of the day it's your wedding yaar! Well, your entry also makes your guests have some fun. There are some traditions among certain communities in India, where the entry of the bride or groom has to be unique and creative based on some story.

5. Stage for everyone

Have a stage on your wedding day and make your relatives and friends share their favourite and unforgettable moments with you. This way the guests will also feel included in your wedding celebrations. And the stage can also be used for stand-up comedy, singing, and other celebrations which the guests want to carry out to make it memorable for everyone.

6. Award ceremony

Award ceremonies can be an innovative and surprising way to entertain your guests. Because the guest might not be expecting this one at your wedding. 

Sit with your partner and friends to create a list of categories before the function and you can also add this to your wedding planning. Distribute the gifts to the winners and remember the games and activities have to be fun-filled.

Before deciding on things you want to include in your wedding planner, remember it's your wedding and you have the privilege to add things you always wanted to experience with your partner, friends, and family.

If you feel exhausted when planning and deciding things for your wedding, you can get some help from expert and experienced wedding planners.

This is not the entire list and if you want anything to be added to this list, mention them in the comments below.

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