6 Traditional Dishes Without Which A Nepali Matrimonial is Incomplete

Nepali Matrimonial

Food is an integral part of our life. Be it happiness or joy, food always knows how to cheer us up. And now, when we talk about food, it's also an integral part of all the matrimonials you attend. Be it a Punjabi wedding, Kashmiri wedding, or Nepali Matrimonial, the food served is not unique but is different and lip-smacking at the same time. And if you are attending a Nepali matrimonial soon, then here are six traditional dishes that you must taste by all means. Without these dishes, Nepali matrimonial is incomplete. So read on and don't forget to try these authentic dishes. 

6 Dishes That You Have To Relish At Nepali Matrimony By All Means 

  1. Dal Bhaat: If you have ever been to Nepal, you might know that Dal Bhaat is a national dish of the country. Hence, any Nepali matrimonial is incomplete without this dish. Dal (lentils) is slow-cooked with spices and is served with steamed rice. Yes, Dal Bhaat, also known as Dal rice or Dal Chawal, is one household dish, which is available across Indian homes but trust us, the traditional Nepali Dal Bhaat is worth tasting. It is packed with flavor and extremely balanced in terms of its nutrients. You can savor this dish with authentic pickles and veggies and relish every bite of it. 
  1. Gundruk: Thanks to the K-dramas and K-pop music culture, Kimchi has now become a popular dish. And if you also love Kimchi, you have to try Gundruk at a Nepali Matrimonial. It's a fermented vegetable that is usually eaten as a side dish with your main course. Mustard, radish, and cauliflower are hung for a day or two, and then they are stored in tight containers for weeks. The acidic juices in these veggies add a nice flavor, which makes it a perfect side dish with your Dal Bhaat. All in all, it's a Nepali Kimchi, which you should try by all means. PS: If you are not a fan of fermented food, you will take time to acquire the best, but it; definitely worth a try. 
  1. Seli Roti: A sweet dish without which Nepali matrimony is incomplete. It is somewhere between Doughnut and bagel and is consumed across Nepal. Seli roti is a festive sweet dish, mainly available during weddings, Tihar, and Dashain holy festivals. Made with rice flour- this deep-fried dish is crunchy from the outside and soft from the inside. Have this with yogurt or warm milk, and you will thank us later for this recommendation. It's traditionally a breakfast staple in Nepal but is served in Nepali matrimonial as well. So next time, when you attend a Nepali wedding, ensure that you ask for this dish at the counter. 
  1. Nepali Rice Pudding: If you love pudding, and don't mind relishing it as a sweet dish, then you must try Nepali Rice Pudding, which is also known as Kheer. Made with spices like cardamom, saffron, coconut shavings, pistachios, cashews, and raisins, Kheer is a perfect rice-based sweet dish that you will love. It's sweet but has the right amount of sweetness, which will not make your mouth dry. This mouthwatering classic is a showstopper at every Nepali wedding; hence you must try it by all means. If they have Jalebi too- try this Kheer with Jalebi, and we are sure you will love this combination.  
  1. Aloo Bodi Tama: Nepal has tons of curries and gravies to offer, making it a foodie paradise. And some of them are widely available at Nepali matrimonial sites as well. So when you attend a Nepali matrimonial, make sure to try Aloo Bodi Tama. This potato-based curry is made with flavored spices and is rich in flavors. More like a stew, this hot curry tastes best with rice or poori. You can have this and then relish the kheer to complete the hearty meal. At a Nepali matrimonial, this dish will be there, so save this article and ensure that you taste it. PS: It is not a standalone dish like other dishes; hence pairing it with some bread/rice. 
  1. Khajuri: Craving some cookies? If yes, then this Nepali deep-fried cookie should be on your list. Filled with butter and nuts, this crispy treat is served as a snack with beverages. It looks like a patty, but when it comes to taste, it will surely blow your mind. It's a bit on the oily side, but every bite is worth that sugar and oil. So if you love cookies, add this crispy deep-fried cookie to your list and make sure to taste it at the next Nepali matrimonial that you end. The food in Nepal is great and if you get some of its flavors at the wedding, go for it. 

Add these food guides to your list, and ensure to taste these traditional dishes at the next Nepali matrimonial you attend. And if you have attended a Nepali wedding, feel free to share your favorite dishes with us in the comments below.

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