6 Tips To Help You Plan The Intimate Wedding Of Your Dreams

Intimate Wedding

The pandemic has taught us many things. - However, one thing it has taught us the most is the value of our loved ones. We now understand the value our loved ones add to our life, and we want to spend all our memorable days with them. And when we talk about memorable days, one unforgettable day that we all have in our lives is a wedding. Wedding, which once consisted of 500 guests and multiple functions, has become an intimate affair. While there's nothing wrong with having 200 people at your wedding, the love you feel at an intimate wedding is different. 

When you get hitched in an intimate setting, you are surrounded by people who care about you and most importantly, love you. The feeling of being in a space where everyone gathers just for your happiness hits differently. And if you want to experience that,  planning an intimate wedding could be  a perfect option. And here are six tips that will help you plan the intimate wedding of your dreams. 

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  1. Start With The Location: When it comes to weddings, one thing we always look for is the venue, and it's the same with an intimate wedding as well. You should start the preparations by understanding where you want to get hitched. Do you want a small gathering in your backyard, or  a resort for your loved ones? You need to figure this out first. The perfect location will not only set the tone for the wedding but will help you spend time with everyone attending the wedding. So as a couple, you should first decide where you want your intimate wedding to take place. 
  1. Prepare A Detailed Guest List: When it comes to intimate weddings, your guest count reduces automatically. You want to celebrate your special day with people you know will be happy about it. So, as a couple, you have to work on the guest list with your family. Don't invite people, because you have to, invite them, because you want to celebrate this special day with them. Plan in advance, and ensure that you only call the ones that matter to you. And for the rest, you can live stream the wedding and ask the other guests to join you there.
  1. Add Personal Touch To Everything: The beauty of intimate weddings is that you can add a hint of you everywhere. So to make your wedding more personal for the guests, pay close attention to details. You can customize the table napkins, place name tags at every table and even prepare some badges for your guests. The decor can be personalized as per your taste - you can also customize the return favours for your guest. And when you add a personal touch to everything, your guests will not only feel welcomed, but they will feel loved too.  
  1. Greet The Guests Personally: Considering it as an intimate affair, you will have limited people attending the wedding. So take this opportunity to thank all your guests personally. Go to their tables, speak to them and let them know how grateful you are for their presence. In a normal wedding, you cannot add this personal touch because of the guest count, but here, in an intimate wedding, you must make all the efforts you can to make your guests feel welcomed. Acknowledge their presence and make sure they are having fun at your wedding. Dance it with them and celebrate the love you share as a couple and with your families. 
  1. DIY The Decor: If you will have an intimate wedding in your house or your society's compound, DIY the decor with small things present around you. You can use the potted plants at your house for the decor, work with some fresh flowers, make origami, mix and match colors and do so much more. When you DIY things, it not only reflects your personality but makes things look extra special- since it showcases the kind of efforts you have made. So ditch the same old wedding decor, and customize your decor, so that it feels like you and resembles what your love stands for. 
  1. Keep A Set Food Menu: When you keep a buffet, everyone has to stand in the queue for the food, which not only limits your interaction with the guests but also restricts their interaction with each other. Hence, have a set menu, where everything is served at the table. This way, you can sit and have some food with your guests while interacting with them. And not only you, but your guests can also interact with each other and have a blast at your marriage. The idea here is to bring everyone close to each other and follow all the necessary social distancing norms. 

Intimate weddings are beautiful, personal and one can truly enjoy every bit of them. It gives you a sense of closure and comfort when you get married in the presence of your loved ones. And if you are planning an intimate wedding, don't forget to use these six tips, and we are sure things will work out just well. 

On that note, let us know if  you believe in the concept of intimate weddings? If yes, what do you want yours to look like? Do let us know in the comments below. Till then, stay safe and surround yourself with people you love.

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