6 Self-Care Rituals Every Bride Must Follow Before Her Wedding


Wedding planning involves a lot of work and as a bride, you do have people around you helping and taking care of most of the things. But you still have to overlook everything since you don't want anything to ruin the most special day of your life. Hence, the process of planning the wedding of your dreams can get downright overwhelming. And while taking care of all the preps, outfits, and other bridal essentials, brides often ignore their self-care routine. 

A self-care routine is essential for the brides, and if you are undergoing massive wedding stress right now, we want to tell you that everything will fall in place. For the time being, here are seven self-care activities you should focus on while handling the wedding stuff. No matter how swamped you might feel, don't miss on these. 

Self-Care Routine that Brides Should Follow For Their Wedding

  1. Focus On Your Health: Yes, you have a lot of wedding work to do, but as a bride, you cannot afford to look weak or fall sick at your wedding, so it's better to keep your health in check. Follow a balanced diet, take all the necessary vitamin supplements, and don't compromise on your 7-hours of sleep. Make sure that you don't over-stress or exert yourself, try and keep the stress at bay and think only about good things. If you feel feverish or have a cold, visit the doctor and take medicines for it. You have to be fresh and active for your wedding and otherwise, so health should be your number one priority. 
  1. Keep A Tab On Your Daily Nutrition: As brides, you not only have wedding planning errands to run, but you also have to finalize your makeup and hair artists, bridal outfits, shoes, pieces of jewelry, and so much more. And to ensure that everything functions smoothly, you tend to make  your food for a toss. You skip meals because of work, miss it because you are tired. However, you have to realize that your self-care cannot take a backseat to the wedding. You have to eat a balanced meal and not crash diets. Nutrition provides much-needed energy to finish all the wedding tasks that you have in mind. So consult a nutritionist, have a clean diet, and stay hydrated. 
  1. Mental Health: When we talk about health, we often focus on physical health more - however, mental health is equally important. And as a part of your self-care routine, you need to make your mental health a priority too. Getting married and living up to all the expectations can get overwhelming, and you might have a breakdown too, and you shouldn't ignore all those things. Journal your feelings, meditate daily, read books, go for a walk, speak to a therapist and be vocal about your feelings with people you know will understand. Brides are under a lot of pressure when it comes to weddings; hence it's better to take the correct guidance to maintain sanity. 
  1. Spend Quality Time With Your Loved Ones: These are the last few days as a single girl for you, so ensure that you make the most of it by spending time with your loved ones. Yes, you will have a plethora of things to do, but spending time with your friends and family is necessary and shouldn't take a backseat. Go for coffee dates with your groom-to-be, plan family gateways, have sleepovers with your gal pals, and just cherish all the time you get to spend with them. You can do the wedding stuff side by side- however, focusing on that solely while ignoring the rest is inappropriate. So dear brides, add this to your self-care routine and practice it daily. 
  1. Exercise: As a part of your self-care routine, ensure that you exercise at least 5-days a week. Exercising will not only help you deal with the wedding stress, but it will also help you stay in shape. Exercising daily releases endorphins, happy hormones, that not only help you stay positive but also keep your mood levels in check. You don't have to do hardcore workouts - we are talking about simple exercises that help you distress. From stress-busting walks to yoga and classes, you can do anything you want. Just make sure that you move your body daily for at least 40-minutes a day since it is necessary for your heart and head health.
  1. Talk About Your Emotions: Dear brides, we know things will get overwhelming for you, and to make sure that you share all your thoughts with your BFF and groom-to-be. It's okay to get wedding jitters, and it's more than okay to be scared. Share all your worries with your betterhalf, and things will fall in place. As a form of self-care, talk about your marriage issues with someone who will understand, talk about how overwhelming the process is, and basically everything that's daunting you for a while now. All these things are common, and it happens to every bride - however, not acknowledging it is not right, so when you know you are having a hard time, speak to people you love and share all your worries with them. 

Wedding planning is a rollercoaster ride, and you are bound to feel emotional, confused, angry, and stressed, but amid all this compromising on health and self-care is the last thing that you should do. Brides need to look beautiful inside out on their wedding, hence follow these self-care practices, and we are sure everything will fall in place. 

On that note, what's one self-care ritual you never miss and follow religiously? Let us know in the comments below.

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