6 Reasons Why Haldi Is An Important Function For The Bride And Groom


When it comes to Indian weddings, there are tons of functions that one can look forward to; however, Haldi is one of the most vital functions of all. Haldi ceremonies usually take place separately at the groom's and bride's house, but some people also rent a venue and have a big Haldi bash. And while the Haldi function is considered to be fun, it's also one of the most auspicious functions of Indian weddings. Wondering, what makes it auspicious and special? Well, here are six reasons behind this. Read on for all the deets. 

Importance Of Haldi Function For Bride And Groom

  1. Keeps The Evil Eye At Bay: One of the many reasons the Haldi function is considered necessary for the bride and groom is because it wards off evil spirits. Yep, the Haldi has strong medicinal and ayurvedic properties that keep all the bad omen at bay. That's why post-Haldi functions, the bride and the groom aren't allowed to leave the house until the main wedding function. In some customs, a small red thread is tied to the groom and bride to protect them against the evil eye. 
  1. The Yellow Color Of Haldi Is Auspicious: As per Indian traditions and folklore, the yellow color of turmeric (Haldi) is considered to be lucky for a couple. It is applied to the couple before the wedding so that they start their new life with hope, positivity, and prosperity. The color yellow radiates good luck; hence in many cultures, wearing yellow clothes for the Haldi function is considered to be lucky. Haldi function always calls for great pictures, and it's every photographer's dream to capture the couple playing with Haldi and flowers; however, there's so much more meaning to this function that brings good luck to the couple. 
  1. Haldi Adds Extra Glow: Being a bride or groom, you want to look nothing but the best. You want to steal everyone's attention, and for that, you need haldi in your life. Hence, the Haldi function is considered important for the bride and the groom. Haldi has ingredients that not only add glow to your skin but also heal your skin, make it fair, and remove all the stress lines from the face. In the olden days, when cosmetic treatments were not this advanced, women solely used to rely on Haldi for that natural glow. 
  1. Haldi Purifies Your Body: Indian weddings are filled with a plethora of functions; however, one function that helps with the purification of your body and skin is the Haldi function. Turmeric, also known as Haldi, has effective exfoliating properties that not only help you get rid of dead skin, blemishes and tan but also purify your body. Hence, after the ceremony, the bride and groom get the much-needed glow since Haldi helps get rid of dead cells and detoxifies the skin. It is one of the best natural exfoliators that you will find for your skin. 
  1. Haldi Makes You Feel Calm: The wedding stress is real and even if you are enjoying your functions, in the back of your mind, you constantly think about ten other things that need to be done before the main function. And that's where Haldi helps. Haldi has exfoliating properties, but it also has curcumin-an antioxidant present in turmeric, which works as a mild anti-depressant and helps with headaches, anxiety, and jitters. Besides this, Haldi also boosts immunity, thereby keeping you healthy and fit for all the upcoming wedding functions. Who knew that this one function could have so many benefits? Amazing, isn't it!
  1. Haldi is Great For Bachelors: You are attending your friend's wedding and secretly want to get hitched too? If yes, then you have to attend the Haldi function. As per the traditions and local beliefs-bachelors who apply a little bit of shagun ki Haldi on their face are the next ones to get married. Yep, you read that right! If the bride and groom apply this holy paste on their unmarried friends/siblings, they are the next ones in line, it is so because the turmeric paste is blessed by the couple. So if you have marriage plans, you know which function needs to be attended to next. 

If next time anyone talks to you about the Haldi function and its significance, you can surely tell them how this function is more than a celebration. With a rich history, and medicinal and purification properties, Haldi brings good luck to the couple's life.  

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