6 Questions To Never Ask Your Future Wife In An Arranged Marriage Setting

Arranged Marriage

When it comes to an arranged marriage setup, things can get tricky. Thanks to all the movies we watch, we imagine a meeting before an arranged marriage  to be awkward and boring. However, things have changed, and with changing times, there are a few things that you need to change too. And one thing you must change is the type of questions you ask your future wife during your first meeting. 

Some questions cannot and shouldn't be asked in the first, second, or at any meeting. Guys, as well as girls,  shouldn't ask some questions in the first meeting. And if you are someone who is going to meet your maybe future wife soon and are a bit underprepared for it,  we have got you covered with this one. Here are six questions you must never ask your future wife in an arranged marriage setup. Keep these tips in mind, and you will definitely thank us later! 

6 Questions No Guy Should Ask Their Future Wife

  1. How Many Guys She Rejected Before You?: Yes, you may not have enough questions to ask your future wife.  However, asking such inappropriate questions is never okay. We are sure you may have rejected multiple women too, and the same case can be hers. Avoid asking her how many guys she has said no to before meeting you. Asking this question will not only put your future with her in doubt, but it will also hurt your self-esteem in hindsight. Besides, you don't know how that question will affect her, so it’s better to not  do it. And honestly, if it's meant to be, then you shouldn't care about the number of guys she has rejected before you. Since if she chooses you, that's what matters. 
  1. Asking Her About Virginity: Now, when you know someone for a while, and once you are comfortable with that person, you can talk openly about virginity and other intimate things. But when it comes to an arranged marriage meeting, you CANNOT ask a woman if she is a virgin or not. Not only is it offensive, but you may also come across as a creep. And trust us, no one likes to be asked such intimate questions, and we are darn sure you won't be comfortable answering such questions either. So please don't ask this. If you don't have much to talk about, ask her to lead and ask you the questions, that is way better than this. 
  1. Inquiring About Her Male Friends: We are in the 21st century, and if a girl has guy friends, that's no biggie. But if you ask her if she has any male friends, then you probably will come across as an old-school person and a bit offensive as well. If you can have female friends, it's okay for her to have a few guy friends since there's nothing wrong with building friendships with the opposite sex. Lastly, keep in mind that the quote: "Girls and boys can never be just friends,'' is a hoax, and you shouldn't believe in it. Never!
  1. Asking If She Is Okay To Be A Housewife Post Marriage: Well, that's something you can discuss and decide mutually after marriage. But not at the meeting before arranged marriage. Here you are meeting someone who might be your future wife for the first time, and you cannot ask such questions to someone you don't know well. Plus, in today's time, a girl can work and run her household together, so the question of her leaving a job after wedding doesn't arise. You will look like a fool in front of her, so please ask anything but this. And also, she will judge you for asking a 19th-century question in this era, so don't do it. 
  1. Baby Talks: This is one valid question, but you shouldn't ask this to someone you are meeting for the first time. Yes, if you are meeting the person for the third or fourth time, you can consider asking this question, and see what the other person has to say. But asking this directly in the first arranged marriage meeting is not okay. Also, it's better if you show a keen interest in knowing the likes, dislikes, goals, and aspirations of your future wife, than asking her about kids, virginity, etc. 
  1. Don't Be Too Nosy: The first meet is all about getting to know each other, and while doing so, you often tend to ask each other questions. And if she tells you about her ex,  don't ask too many questions about it; move on from that topic. The goal is to know each other and not be curious about what went wrong in her love life, etc. So don't be nosy and have a two-way conversation with her, where both of you ask each other a few questions. 

Well, dear guys, if you are planning to meet your future wife soon, please consider this as your training. Meet the girl to know more about her as an individual and not about her past, her willingness to quit her job, etc. Such questions are not only demeaning, but they can also lead to a straight NO from the girl's end. So you should refrain from asking your future wife such questions.

On that note, dear girls, what's one question you wouldn't like a guy asking you in the first arranged marriage meet? Mention them in the comments below. 

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