6 Lip-Smacking Dishes You Cannot Miss Out On In A Jain Matrimonial

Jain Matrimonial

We live in a world where it's easy to judge someone and have preconceived notions about people, their culture, food choices, etc. And when we talk about notions- one such notion that majorly exists in India is that Jain food is not good. Yes, Jain food is purely vegetarian, made with Onion, carrot, beetroot, garlic, etc., but that doesn't mean it's not flavourful. Even if you are invited to attend a Jain matrimonial, you often think about the food they will serve. However, you will be surprised to know that a Jain matrimonial has some delicious food. And here are six lip-smacking dishes that you can't miss in a Jain matrimonial. 

Tasty Dishes That You Have To Try At A Jain Matrimonial 

Mixed Vegetable Handvo

This is one of the tastiest and the most healthy dishes you will ever have at an Indian wedding. Handvo looks more like Chila/ Indian Pancake and is made with urad, masoor, moong, and chana daal with rice. Once this paste is ready, a lot of veggies are added to it with salt, sugar, and baking soda. It is not only tasty but also an essential dish of Jain matrimony. You can have it as an appetizer or as the main dish. Either way, this wholesome dish will satisfy you. 


When you hear the term, you think that it's a Gujarat staple; however, Dhokla is one dish that's available in every corner of India. And it is also a popular Jain matrimonial dish that you will love. Made with fermented rice and chickpeas- this soft textured dish is the perfect pre-dinner or pre-lunch snack for all you foodies out there. Try the classic green chutney or red chutney, and we are sure you will relish every bite of it. Being a staple at Jain Matrimonial, you can have this dish with other dishes; however, missing out on this is not an option. 

Panner Dal Curry

Indian weddings and paneer have a strong bond. No wedding is ever complete without at least one paneer dish. Be it paneer pakoda, paneer tikka or paneer masala, we love to devour different paneer items at weddings. And when it comes to Jain matrimonial, there are paneer dishes there as well. You have to try Paneer Dal curry at a Jain wedding. Made with soaked dal, this dish is enjoyed with hot chapatis and rice. If you are attending an afternoon Jain wedding, you will definitely find this dish at the lunch buffet. 

Corn Upma

Yes, Upma has onion and garlic, but this version of Upma is popular at Jain weddings. It's tasty, filling, healthy and packed with flavors. Corn Upma is served as an appetizer at Jain matrimonials and is good for digestion too. Made with boiled corn, raw milk, and mild spices, you will enjoy this dish at the matrimonial. Despite looking bland, it has great flavors, which will definitely bowl you over. And if you are not a fan of Upma, don't worry; there are different dishes that will definitely make you appreciate Jain food a bit more. 

Banana & Methi Vegetable

In Jain food, you will not find onion, garlic, potato, and other root vegetables; hence they use bananas a lot in their dish. And while that may sound bizarre to you, trust us, it's not. Banana & methi vegetable served at Jain weddings is super delicious. Made with fenugreek leaves, sweet banana dice, and some spices, this dish has a nice tangy flavor. It's more like a dry dish that tastes best with roti. You can also have it with rice and dal, and it will not disappoint you. However, the taste might not be for everyone, but trying it once is a must.

Banana Chutney

Another dish that's a vital part of the Jain wedding is Banana chutney, also known as Kele ki chutney. Made from raw bananas, this chutney is not only packed with flavors but also has great taste. It is made by blending oil, curd, Indian spices, and boiled bananas and is definitely a must-have at Jain matrimonials. You can have it with Dhokla, bhajia or with Handvo, and we are sure you will love the taste of this chutney. PS: Taste it once, only then take it, one needs to acquire the taste, so be careful about not wasting it. 

So next time, when you are invited to a Jain matrimonial Shaadi, remember that their food is good, and they have tons of variety to offer. From tasty Handova to healthy Corn Upma and paneer dal, there are tons of scrumptious dishes to choose from. On that note, have you ever tried a Jain dish before? If yes, let us know which one it was and how you found it in the comments below.

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