6 Fun Wedding Traditions Of India That Can Never Get Old

wedding traditions

India is a land of beautiful states, cities, and towns. Be it the mesmerizing Himachal Pradesh or the quaint town of Kerala - there's something about India that makes it different from the rest. And while the country is known for everything hip, fancy, and traditional, it's also known for weddings. Yep, weddings in India are no less than a carnival, and it really takes an army of people to plan the wedding of your dreams in India. And while the new style and traditions take over, there are some functions in India that never get old. Wondering what they are? Well, here are six fun wedding traditions that you will only get to see in India that are age old but still relevant today itself. 

Wedding Traditions In India That You Will Always Enjoy

  1. Haldi Function: Be it a South India wedding or a North Indian one, no wedding in India is complete without a Haldi Function. The haldi ceremony takes place separately in the groom and bride's house. In some cases, a big venue is hired, and the ceremony takes place. In this case, the siblings of the bride and groom not only dance and tease each other by applying haldi, but also ensure that the couple is having equal amounts of fun too. If you ever attend a haldi function, ensure that you wear nothing but white and get ready for some haldi fights. It is one of the many wedding traditions in India that never gets old. 
  1. Joota Chupai: If you have watched the famous Bollywood movie Hum Aap Ke Hai Kaun, Starring Salman Khan, and Madhuri Dixit, you must be well-versed with this fun tradition. And if you do not, then joota chupai is a fun tradition in India, where the bride's family hides the groom's footwear in exchange for a cash prize. And while the reward doesn't matter much, it's the tradition that everyone in the bride's family is excited about. They plan, plot and look for unique places to hide the footwear. It, again, is one of the many wedding traditions in India, which will never get old. 
  1. Twisting The Groom's Ears: This wedding tradition is followed in India; however, it's the most popular in Maharashtrian matrimonial. Here right after the wedding, the brides' father twists the groom's ear and reminds him that the bride is his responsibility. And after the father, the brother of the bride gives reminders to the groom about his spousal duties and responsibilities. It is one of the many Indian wedding traditions that everyone waits to watch and have a good laugh. The ritual is done in good spirits, and the groom equally enjoys being a part of it. 
  1. Mamera: Again, one of the famous wedding traditions in India, it's practiced in Gujarati and Marwadi matrimonial. Here, the uncle of the bride visits her house with a basket and tray of gifts. From saree to jewelry and dry fruits, there are tons of things the bride is pampered with. These things are given to the bride by her uncles for good luck and happy married life. It usually takes place a day or two before the wedding and is followed by a family lunch with the bride and her family. Again here as well, the uncles first pretend that they haven't gotten much for the bride and then shower her with all the love and affection she deserves. 
  1. Sehrabandi: The Sehrabandi takes place on the day of the wedding, and it's the most emotional ceremony between the groom and his sister. Here the groom's sister ties sehra/ headgear on his head after finishing a pooja. It is one of the most emotional moments between the siblings, and every minute of this ceremony is cherished by the groom and his sister. In fact, in North Indian weddings, it's one of the most followed and cherished pre-wedding ceremonies that every groom looks forward to. And once the sehra is tied, the groom also gives a shagun to his sister for good luck. 
  1. Vidaai: One of the most emotional wedding traditions in India is the Vidaai. Here the bride finally bids goodbye to her house and leaves with the groom to start a new life. Despite being an emotional ceremony, it's one ceremony which is quite fun to watch because you get to learn so much about India and its culture through this ceremony. 

If you ever plan to attend an Indian wedding, make sure that you are a part of all these functions. And for those who attend Indian weddings regularly, do share with us, which one is your favorite custom in the comments below.

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