6 Dishes You Have To Try At Parsi Matrimonial By All Means

Parsi Matrimony

Parsi matrimony is distinct in so many ways, from the bride and groom's white wedding outfits to unique wedding customs- there are tons of things that make Parsi matrimonials special. However, one thing that makes it fun, must-attend and unique is the food. Food is an integral part of every wedding globally, and Parsi matrimonial is no different. If you are attending a Parsi wedding soon, here are six dishes that you must look forward to and try by all means. These dishes help you understand the culture and take your taste buds on a culinary journey. So read on and make a list accordingly. 

Food Items You Have To Relish At A Parsi Matrimonial Without Fail 

Chicken Farcha

If you love KFC chicken and can have it anytime, you have to try Parsi-style fried chicken. Usually served as starters for weddings, this dish is known for its perfect crisp and spices. And when you are a part of a Parsi matrimonial, you can never miss out on it. Made with tender meat and deep-fried with rich flavors, Chicken Farcha is one dish every Parsi swears by. So add this to your list and ensure that you try it without fail. 

Sali Boti

Sali Boti is a popular dish available widely across India, but the Parsi version of this humble mutton curry cannot be compared to anything else. Parsis take pride in a dish and when you attend a Parsi wedding, ensure that you try this one for sure. It is so rich and flavorsome that you can't ignore it. Experience a burst of flavors of tomatoes, jaggery, onions, and vinegar while you savor this dish with steamed rice or Rotis. It is slightly spicy, but the flavors make up for everything. 

Dhansak & Parsi Brown Rice

If you have ever heard about Parsi food, we are sure Dhansak has topped the list. A  household special, no Parsi matrimony is ever complete without Dhansak. Dhansak is basically a dal that is made by adding meat and tons of spices. Yep, it's a simple meat and dal curry, which is best paired with the classic Parsi brown rice. The flavors of Dhansak are so rich that you'll hardly be able to stop after one serving. The famous Parsi rice is a caramelized brown rice dish with fried onions which is best paired with Dhansak. If you ever attend a Parsi matrimonial- these two dishes will never disappoint you. 

Patra Ni Machhi

Are you even attending a Parsi matrimonial if there's no Patra Ni Machhi for food?  If there's one dish that all Parsis swear by, it has to be Patra Ni Machhi. Made with aromatic spices, flavors and slow-cooked for an hour, this fish-based dish is cooked with banana leaf wrapped around it and is mouthwatering. It might not look mouthwatering, but trust us, looks can be deceptive, and you so have to try this one at the wedding. Pair with steam rice, and you are all set to experience heaven. 

Saas Ni Machhi

Mostly served only at Parsi matrimonial, this one is a wedding must-have. You cannot attend a Parsi wedding without having this dish. Made using white sauce- the fish is slow-cooked with typical Parsi flavors. Spices like turmeric, cumin seeds, garlic, etc., are used for the marination, and the egg, vinegar, and sugar used in the dish give it a real punch. Paired with steam rice, this one is a wedding classic, which is also loved by Parsis. There are tons of dishes to try at a Parsi wedding, but this one certainly tops our list. So add to your list NOW. 

Lagan Nu Custard

Parsi matrimonials are known to serve some of the best zesty dishes, but no meal ever ends without a good dessert; hence, you have to try the Lagan Nu Custard at the wedding. Being a wedding classic- this dish is rich in cream, nuts, fat, and the right amount of sugar. It's cut in cube shapes and served at the wedding; however, in some cases, you can also have it in a bowl like a normal dessert. And while you try this dessert, don't forget to try Mawa Nu Kopra Pak, a Parsi version of chocolate halwa made with coconut, chocolate, and other ingredients- this one adds the perfect end to your Parsi meal. 

So if you are attending a Parsi wedding soon, adding these dishes to your list is a must. And while you do that, don't forget to savor the classic Raspberry soda as a beverage. On that note, have you ever tried Parsi cuisine? If yes, do let us know which one is your favorite and why in the comments below. And if you haven't tried this lip-smacking cuisine yet, you have to try it ASAP. PS: Dhansak is a must-have. Don’t miss out this dish at any cost.

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