6 Cool Ways To Surprise Your Groom-To-Be On The Wedding Day


Your wedding day has finally arrived - with all the ups & downs and bucket full of overwhelming emotions - you are all set to get hitched to the love of your life. And with everything you have dealt with in this process, your groom has always been by your side. He has been a solid rock support and never questioned you about anything you wanted to do for the wedding. 

Now, it's your turn to make him feel special - you should let him know how grateful you are to have him in life and how you cannot wait to start a new life together after marriage. Now, how do you do that? Well, here are six cool ways to make your groom-to-be feel special - read on to know about it. 

6 Ways You Can Make Your Groom-To-Be Feel Special  

  1. Arrange For His Favourite Breakfast: If you are getting hitched in a hotel and want to do something for your groom-to-be, you can arrange a special breakfast in bed tray for him. The breakfast plate can have all his favourite stuff - you can also ask the hotel staff to add a note and some beautiful roses. And if possible, surprise him by joining him for breakfast. It will not only make him feel loved, but he will also appreciate the fact that you took so much effort to make him feel special. 
  1. Write A Love Letter: As a couple, we are sure you must have been through a lot, and to show what your groom-to-be means for you, write a sweet love letter for him. Pen down your emotions, let him know what you mean to him and how you cannot wait to wake up next to him daily after marriage. Talk about the things you see for each other in the future and how you are lucky to have a partner like him. Give this love letter, write before the wedding, and we are sure all his pre-wedding jitters will go away, and he will be super stoked about his bride. 
  1. Send Them A Customised Gift: As a bride, you have tonnes of people running around you, ensuring that whatever you need is done at the earliest. So take advantage of that, and ask someone from your bridesmaids to get the groom-to-be's tie/handkerchief for you. You can get them personalized with your initials or write a sweet note on them. If not, you can also gift them cufflinks monogrammed with your initials imprinted on them. You can also give your groom-to-be monogrammed socks with a cute message. We are sure they will love it and keep it with them forever. And it's also a very cute gesture, right? 
  1. Do Something Special For Him: It's not the gift or the number of things you do matter - it's the thought that counts. Hence, as a bride, you can plan something special for your groom-to-be. If you are good at singing, you can dedicate a song to them and sing it in front of everyone at your marriage, just like Virat Kohli did for Anushka Sharma. And if you are good at dancing, you can prepare a special performance for them. It doesn't have to be anything big, it could  be something you know they will enjoy. So think about his likes, and you will definitely come up with something cool. 
  1. You Can Gift Him A Vacation: If there's still time on your wedding day to arrive, then how about gifting your groom-to-be a mini vacation. It will not only help him take the edge off, but he will also be happy to know that you planned this for him. From a staycation to an adventurous vacation, you can plan one trip for him, keeping his likes in mind. And if possible, you can go with him on the trip or send his boy gang with him. We are sure he will love this surprise and will be grateful to you for this thoughtful gift. 
  1. Gift Him Something He Always Wanted: If you know your groom-to-be wants a particular watch or perfume, buy it for them and gift it to them on the wedding day. You can also get the watch engraved with a sweet message or their initials. Make sure you get the right product, ask them questions indirectly, if you have any, because this one will truly surprise them. If you can't ask him the questions, make one of the groomsmen do it, this way, you will come to know about that favourite thing, and you can easily buy it for him. 

It's your special day, and we are sure your groom-to-be cannot wait to make you his bride forever and to display your love and affection for him - plan one of these surprises for him, and we are sure he will love you even more. You must also note that you can do the simplest things for them and still make them happy - you don't have to necessarily do anything grand or majestic- even small gifts are enough to bring a smile to his face.

So dear bride, what are you planning to gift your groom-to-be? We would love to know your ideas- share them with us in the comments below.

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