6 Bengali Matrimonial Mandap Decor Ideas You Must Check Out Right Away

Bengali Matrimonial

What's the first thing you notice while attending an Indian wedding? Well, it's the decoration, right! The wedding decor not only signifies the rich Indian lineage but is also an ode to the customs and traditions that the families follow. And Bengali Matrimonial is no different; everything you see in the Bengali matrimony talks highly about their culture and practices. So couples, if you are looking for decor ideas for your Bengali Matrimony, we have something for you. Here are six mandap decor ideas that will not only help your mandap look unique but also highlight the Bengali culture well. Read on, and you can thank us later. 

Mandap Decor Ideas Perfect For Your Bengali Matrimonial

  1. Roses For the Bengali Matrimonial: Traditional Bengali matrimonials use marigolds; however, if you want your mandap decor to look different, how about using roses instead of marigolds? From red and white to pink and yellow, you have different options to choose from. You can either use all the colors or pick a color scheme as per your tastes. Roses add good fragrance to the air, symbolize love and make everything simple look elegant. So if you are planning to decorate your mandap only with flowers, roses should be your pick. Opt for a red and white color scheme, or choose a pink and yellow theme - roses will make everything look pretty. 
  1. Opt For Juhi Mogra: You are marrying the love of your life, and we are sure you want your Bengali matrimonial to be dreamy and perfect. And for that, choosing Mogra flowers for the mandap decor is a great idea. White makes everything look dreamy; it not only makes the surroundings look tranquil but compliments the Bengali wedding outfits that the couple wears. Above all this, it's soothing to the eyes and calls for great mandap shots. So if you are looking for a minimal design that looks subtle yet elegant, opt for the Juhi mogra flower garlands. 
  1. Choose Genda Phool: Be it any wedding, you can never go wrong with genda phool. Opt for yellow and orange marigold flowers and make a stunning canopy design for your mandap. The best thing about Genda phool is that you don't have to add much when you use these flowers, which makes them perfect for the mandap. It will not only compliment your Bengali wedding attires but will also pop well and add more color to your wedding pictures. So if you are planning to do something basic yet classic, opt for a genda phool canopy for the mandap. 
  1. Say Yes To Fairy Lights & Babies Breath: If you are having an evening wedding, there's nothing better than fairy lights for the mandap. You can actually achieve a starry night look with the fairy light at your wedding mandap. For your Bengali matrimonial, you can also add some babies' breath flowers for freshness. The fairy lights will add a nice bokeh effect in the pictures, while babies' breath will make everything look even prettier. So if you are not much into flowers, fairy light has to be your pick. 
  1. Go With The Red & White Combo: Red and white are two colors which make up for most of the Bengali matrimonials. From your Alta to makeup, bride’s saree and groom's dhoti, everything has a perfect balance of these two colors. So how about making your mandap decor also on these two color combinations? You can hang small lanterns in the corners and cover the remaining area of the mandap with white flowers. This way, it will not look two overpowering and will strike the right level of balance. You can also use origami art and floral torans for the decor. They again will look great with the overall decor. 
  2. Choose Dupatta For The Decor: If you want to add some quirk to your mandap decor, ditch the flowers and opt for colorful dupattas instead. You can create perfect drapes using these dupattas and hang them on the mandap. The idea is to create a tent-like structure with dupatta. You can pick three colors and work around it, or opt for multi-coloured bandhani dupattas - the choice is yours. However, keep in mind that the colors should be in sync with the overall decor.
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