50 Unique and Simple Bridal Mehndi Designs for Your Wedding

Bridal Mehendi

For the bride who wants to stand out among others!

Are you looking for unique bridal mehndi designs for your wedding? You’re at the perfect place. Decades earlier, mehndi was just a tradition and brides used to apply henna on their hands just for the sake of ritual. But it is not the same anymore. The Indian brides are excited about all the functions of their wedding and make sure to carry all their looks with perfection. Also, mehndi is considered crucially imperative to bestow auspiciousness at weddings. Many people even believe that henna has the power to cast off evil spirits. 

We understand that brides of today want to keep their mehndi minimalistic and simple. And that’s why we have curated some trendy mehndi designs from which you can choose according to your preferences, taste and wedding look. Here is the complete list of all the elegant and unique mehndi designs for our minimalist brides. Don’t forget to check them all before finalizing the one for your big day!

Check Out These Bridal Mehndi Designs for Wedding!

The Floral Base

Your unique bridal mehndi design should be simple yet eye-catching at the same time. This twirling bridal mehndi design is easier to draw and dry. The brides need not to even call the mehndi professional for this design. Instead, brides themselves can easily attempt this and stay assured of its beauty and perfection!

Mandala Art

A mandala is a geometric design or pattern that represents the cosmos or deities in various heavenly worlds. The pattern is often used by the mehndi designer to make it unique and significant for the new bride. This wedding mehndi design is drawn in a circle and usually represents the whole universe, wholeness, totality, infinity, timelessness, etc. You can play around with it in whatever way you like. 

The Jhumka and leaves

The Jhumka bridal mehndi design is one of the easiest to draw and looks uniquely beautiful on the bride’s hands. You can mostly use it on the back of your hand to ensure everyone notices it. The design starts with small dotted lines or leaves ending with a Jhumka-like drawing. It can be the best pick for a minimalist bride and her graceful look.

Suit Your Fingers

One of the most prominent bridal mehndi designs among new-age brides is finger design. Why best? Well, because it is entirely on you to keep it intricate or simple. However, all the artwork will be limited to your fingers only. The entire palm and the back of your hand will be left vacant which perfectly highlights the intricate patterns drawn on your finger.

Flowery Backhand

Embrace the back of your hand with a beautiful floral bridal mehndi. The beautiful backhand will enhance the look of the bride in manifolds. If you wish to keep it simple, you can just draw leaves or flowers on your hand rather than other intricate designs. 

The Curvy Pattern

Curves indeed are beautiful. Have you already selected your bridal mehndi design for a wedding? Well, we suggest adding a little curve to it and making your husband fall for you even harder. You can go with something like the design below.

Locket Pattern

Hiding his initials in your intricate mehndi design is old school now. Try your minimal mehndi design by highlighting his initials. Wondering how? Refer to the below design. We know we’re nice. You’re also nice. 


Paisley Love

Paisley Love is one of the oldest and most favorite bridal mehndi designs. Apart from using paisleys, you can also use semi-circles, leaves, dots, nets, etc. in this pattern. The design is usually helpful to fill the gap left after the main design.

Jewelry Mehndi Design

Some wedding mehndi designs do not just make your hands look beautiful but it also appears like you are wearing some kind of hand jewelry. So, don’t worry about no hand jewelry at your wedding. We have got you covered. It will look similar to the picture given below.

Intricate Wrist Design

Well, this intricate wrist design might require a lot of patience and stillness but once it is ready, we promise, your hands cannot look more beautiful. But make sure you hire a professional bridal mehndi designer to draw the pattern.

Heart Your Hands

Join both your hands together and make a heart. Sounds interesting? Well, you can implement the same in your bridal mehndi design. Know how from the below design.

Arabic Mehndi Design

The inclination for Arabic mehndi design has grown twice in the last few decades. Most brides want to keep it simple and unique and there cannot be a better option than the Arabic patterns on your hand.

Flower Petals

Apart from real-life Rose petals can also fill colors in your Bridal mehndi designs. Wondering how? See the below picture for reference.

Cute Proposal Mehndi

What can be a better mehndi design than to recreate your romantic proposal in your hands? It would be a nice and affectionate way to show your love for your partner. Also, it would look damn cute. Excited to hear this? We are equally delighted to show you the design. 

Net Design

The net design in Mehndi is widely chosen to complete the bridal makeup. The best part about this mehndi is that no matter how intricate and beautiful it looks, it is much easier to draw.

Round it Up

This is a beautiful mehndi pattern where you just have to keep encircling the dots in a repetitive pattern. Apart from the simple mehndi design it also adds to the unique look of the bride.

Perfect Backhand Design

Believe us, this henna design will add a royal look to your bridal makeup. The mehndi design is largely acknowledged not just for its uniqueness but also eye-catching attitude. So, once you do this, be ready to catch a lot of eyeballs. 

Leaves and Petals

This bridal mehndi design is perfect for ladies who want to keep it simple and elegant at their weddings. Also, you don’t have to sit for hours finishing your backhand design with this option. So, if you are someone who doesn’t have much patience with mehndi, choose this mehndi design. 

Minimal Mehndi Design

Most brides decorate their hands with full-fledged intricate mehndi designs. So, keeping it minimal will surely make your bridal makeup stand out among all other brides.

Detailed Design for Backhand

If you are looking for some intricate yet trendy bridal mehndi design. This pattern will surely win your heart. However, make sure to hire a professional mehndi designer to do the art.

Curvy Flowers

We bet, this simple mehndi design will make you fall for your hands more than your betterhalf! The design is beautifully unique and pleasing to look at.

Design Infinity ∞

This infinity symbol design will guarantee to make an infinite loving bond between you and your soulmate. Don’t believe it? Try it in your hand and wait for the magic!

Side Hand Mehndi

This design is used by most famous makeup artists worldwide now. Pick this pattern and be ready to shine on for your big day!

Arabic for backhand

This bridal mehndi design will make you obsessed with your backhand. Imagine what it will do to your groom! If you are up for Arabic mehndi design, do not think twice before trying this out for your backhand.

Finger Mehndi

Decorate your fingers with bridal henna designs and leave the entire palm as it is! Sounds weird? But we guarantee the design is not! You will love this mehndi design on your fingers and it is easier to draw.

Hibiscus Flower Mehndi

This front-hand hibiscus mehndi is easier to draw and less intricate. Once you choose to go ahead with this design all you have to do is to make proper circles and you are already halfway there.

Jewel your backhand

This design looks nothing less than jewelry in your hand. It will make your backhand more attractive than ever before. Wondering how? Well, draw the pattern and see it for yourself.


Do you wish to hold the beautiful lotus in your hand while your matrimony functions? Well, here are the most lasting and fresh lotus ideas for your Mehndi. Must try it out!

Full Mandala for Back

Try out this mandala mehndi art for the back of your hand and make everyone keep staring at it. Wondering how? Well, just try and check it out yourself!


Peacock Mehndi Design

Can’t control the anxiety and fear before marriage? Well, at least you can control your perfect bridal mehndi with this fabulous peacock design.

Doli Saja Ke Rakhna

Your wedding possession is all set to take off! All you need to do is to set your eyes on this bridal mehndi design because you cannot get better than this one. Also, if your favorite song is ‘Doli Saja ke Rakhna’ or you’re a Shahrukh fan, this design is made for you. 

Band Baja

When Shaadi is all about ‘Band Baaja’, why leave the essence behind in your bridal mehndi? We make sure you get the full bridal vibes with this design.

The Ultimate Wedding Mehndi

This bridal mehndi design will surely make you ditch your minimal mehndi plans. You would love to go all traditional and intricate with this mehndi design on your palm.

Ye Dil Mange ‘Mor’

This peacock mehndi design is perfect for the bride who wants to keep it minimal and unique. If you do not have the patience to sit for hours, go with this bridal mehndi design for your wedding.

Tattoo Style Mehndi

If you are not up for very detailed bridal mehndi designs, you can go with this Arabic tattoo style mehndi. The gaps in between will enhance your bridal makeup look in manifolds.

Versatile as You

This is one of the most recent mehndi designs in bridal collections. You do not need any extra effort to look elegant. This mehndi design will scream elegance in you!

Horizontally Drawn

This horizontal pattern makes it a little different from the rest of the bridal mehndi designs. It will go horizontally with an Arabic pattern and beautiful flower petals.

Soothe Your Palm

This simple yet unique mehndi design will make you a little more aesthetic on your wedding day. This is one of the most chosen designs to complete the bridal makeup.

Arabic For Life

No matter how many Arabic mehndi designs you come across, it is never enough. Same is the situation with us. We are all hearts for this beautiful arabic bridal mehndi design.

Soulful Henna Pattern

This circling fresh design will surely pour your soul with love and color. This mehndi design is an amalgamation of petals and mandala art which perfectly makes it ‘worth a shot’ for brides. You can apply the same on your front hand as well.

Mehndi for Feet

Your bridal mehndi is incomplete without coloring your feet with henna. Make sure you choose the perfect simple mehndi design for the same. Here is an example.

Mandala on Feet

The beautiful mandala art is not just worthy of your hand but will also suit your feet perfectly. Make sure you save this one to complete your bridal makeup look.

The More the Merrier

The brides who wish to go with the traditional intricate mehndi designs for their feet can try out this pattern without any second thoughts.

Hand Decor

Enhance the beauty of your hands with this simplest mehndi design for your wedding. This design is even perfect for beginners who do not want to spend extra on Mehndi professionals at their wedding.

Celebrating aesthetics

Extra is not your type? Well, then this aesthetic bridal mehndi design will win your heart all the time. Also, there is no extra effort or people required to complete the look. You can attempt it all by yourself and expect amazing results. 

Mehndi of Your Dreams

This simple mehndi design is ready to sweep your groom off his feet. Thinking about it? Well, apply this bridal mehndi design and watch it for yourself. It will sure make him fall for you yet again.

Halka-Halka Suroor

Want your betterhalf to have halka-halka suroor after watching you? We have an idea! This bridal mehndi design will make it happen for you. If you are not an elaborative mehndi design person, this might be the perfect call for you.

Henna to Lift Your Feet

Wanna get him romantic? Well, all you have to do is to lift your feet and he will be all set to wonder in awe and praise your feet for sure. Don’t forget to use this peacock-style henna pattern to complete your bridal makeup.

Vibrant Feet

Not all mehndi designs are drawn to complete the ritual, some are even drawn to catch your groom’s attention. Wanna know more? Refer to the below design for your feet and you will know it all.

Butterfly Style

This butterfly-style mehndi is literally the ‘treat of an eye’. It will set your wedding mood perfectly and can go all well with your minimal mehndi design requirement. So, try this out.

So, this is an entire list of premium-style mehndi for brides. You can pick any of these according to your suitability and requirement and shine well on your wedding day. We wish you all the best and may your mehndi be as darker and deeper as your love for your soulmate! We hoped it helped.

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