5 Unique Things That Make Bengali Matrimonial So Special

Bengali Matrimonial

Every wedding you attend in India will offer you a raw, fresh, and culturally rich experience. However, there's something about Bengali matrimonial- which makes it so distinct from the rest. Be it the bridal attire, the rituals, food or even the marriage, a Bengali wedding is not like your normal Indian wedding. And if you are attending Bengali matrimony soon, here are five unique things we love about the wedding, and we are sure you will love it too. So read on for all the deets and make sure to  experience the unique things that make Bengali weddings so special. 

Unique Things That Make Bengali Matrimonial Distinct From The Rest 

Aiburo Bhaat

When we talk about Bhaat, don't confuse it with your basic dish same as dal rice, this one is way more lavish than that. One of the main things that make Bengali matrimonial so distinct is Aiburo Bhaat, where the groom and bride-to-be are invited by their relatives for a lavish meal. Aiburo means single, and this lavish spread is their last meal as single people. From authentic Bengali cuisine to lip-smacking treats, family members ensure that the couple has the best single day of their lives before the wedding. In fact, what makes this custom so distinct is that you will only get to see this in Bengali Matrimonial. 

Shakha Paula

When you become a bride, there are tons of things that are gifted to you. Some are gifted out of love, some out of ritual. And one gift that every bride across India receives is bangles. Red, pink, orange and green color bangles are gifted to the bride since they denote a happy married life, luck, and bring prosperity. However, when it comes to Bengali matrimonial, the bangles are a bit unique. Here, the bride is given white bangles made of shells and corals. And these bangles are gifted by married women to the bride-to-be, and only a bride or married woman can wear them. 

Chandan Soja

Every bride across India Bengali brides too want to look dreamy and perfect. And while other brides rely on top-notch Makeup artists for the same, Bengali brides are a bit unique and different in that way. For a Bengali matrimonial, the bride believes in applying Chandan Soja - a sandalwood paste on the forehead for beauty. When applied on the forehead, not only does it look good, but your skin feels cool, and you smell good as well. No Bengali bride will ever be seen without Chandan Soja. Yes, times are changing, but this is one ritual that makes Bengali matrimonial so unique from the rest. 

Bengali Brides Don't Apply Mehendi

When it comes to weddings, we all have a Mehendi function where the bride applies henna in her hand for her wedding. However, in Bengali matrimonial, the bride doesn't apply Mehendi; they apply Alta instead. Alta is a red-colored liquid that represents celebration, prosperity, and happiness. Bengali brides generously put Alta on their hands and feet. You will never see a Bengali bride without Alta in her hands on the wedding day. It brings luck and is as important as henna, which makes it even more special. 

Ulu Dhwani

This unique feature of a Bengali wedding makes it so special. Ulu Dhwani is a feature that has been represented across several Hindi and Bengali movies. Here, the females of the house happily ululate to celebrate the union of the couple. And while the female members ululate, this harmonious sound is also accompanied by the sound of a shank. And trust us, the vibe and sound of the two are just music to the ears. You will not only feel that magic in the air, but with everyone in the same room, you feel loved and more. 

Indian weddings are all about rich lineage and culture; however, there's nothing as unique as a Bengali wedding. And you will only understand the true spirit of Bengali matrimonial when you attend one. On that note, have you ever attended a Bengali wedding? If yes, do share your experience with us in the comments below. And if you know of other things that make this wedding so unique, share that in the comments too.

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