5 Unique Places To Hide Groom's Footwear During The Wedding

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Joota Chupai is one of the most fun and common wedding traditions followed with style and grace at every Indian wedding. In this function, the bride's family and siblings hide the groom's footwear in return for some cash prize or gift, also known as Shagun. It is one of the most fun and exciting events of the wedding, which takes place on the main day. And if your sister/friend is getting hitchen soon and you are representing the team bride, here are five unique places where you can hide the groom's footwear during the joota chupai function. Read on and share these ideas with your other team members too. 

Unique Places To Hide Groom’s Footwear In The Joota Chupafi Rasam

  1. Washroom: Yes, this sounds quite gross, but trust us, as they show in the movies, this is one of the unique places to hide the groom's footwear during the wedding. You can hide behind the pot or near the door/dustbin area, and no one will be able to find out. Pro Tip: Don't hide both the shoes in one place. Hide one in the male washroom while the other in the female one. Even if the groom's side can find one shoe, it will be a task to find the other one. So use this trick, keep the pair separately and look for a nice spot in the washroom to hide the footwear during the wedding. 
  1. Caterers Area: The joota chupai rasam, where the bride's side hides the groom's footwear, takes place on the main day of the wedding. Hence, if you are looking for unique places to hide the shoe or jooti, consider hiding it in the caterer's area. You can give it to one of the caterers and ask them to hide it for you with their stuff. Even if the groom's side wants to search, they will search the food counter, its nearby surroundings and not the caterer. So take advantage of that and hide it in a way where it's right there, but it's not visible to everyone. 
  1. Give It To An Elderly Person: Elders in the wedding are usually the only ones who care about the traditional rituals and customs; such fun traditions make no sense to them. And you have to take advantage of that. Speak to an older family member from the groom's side, blackmail them with sweet talks and ask them to help you hide the groom's footwear. So even if the groom's side looks for the footwear, they will never imagine/consider that it was kept on their side only, because that will be the last place they will check. So ensure that you strategically plan this out. PS: When you are successful at this mission, don't forget to thank us in the comments below. 
  1. Hide It In Some Baby Bag: Weddings are incomplete without babies. And now, for hiding the groom's footwear, there's no better place than a baby bag. You can put the footwear in a bag and carefully place it under the diapers in the baby bag. It definitely will be the last place the groom's side will look for. Being one of the unique places, you'll easily be able to pull this off  since no one in their wildest dreams will think that you have hid the footwear in a place like this. 

PS: If you plan to execute this, make sure that you sanitize the shoe before putting it in the baby's bag. 

  1. Hide It Right Next To The Groom: The most fun part about this ritual is that everyone wants to look at places, but no one wants to check the surrounding area where the groom and bride sit. And you have to take advantage of just that. You can keep the groom's footwear right beside the groom and place it on a big plate while covering it with a cloth. This way, someone will think that it's a puja thing and will not touch it even once. So dear bridezilla, ensure that you play your cards right and smartly hide the footwear at the wedding. You are a team bride, and you cannot lose. 

Indian weddings are fun, and because of such functions, they become more delightful to attend. So if you are attending an Indian wedding soon, don't forget to watch this fun ritual of joota chupai. And if you are going to be the one to hide the groom's footwear, then ensure that you hide it in one of the unique places suggested by us. On that note, what, as per you, is the most unique place to hide the groom's footwear in  a wedding? Let us know all your wacky answers in the comments below.

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