5 Unique Dishes You Can Only Find At Assamese Matrimonial

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Assam is that state in northeast India that offers the type of flavors that are enough to make you fall in love with the Northeast. From different kinds of pickles and curries to the classic red rice, Assamese cuisine is diverse, distinct, and palatable that we are sure you are bound to enjoy what you eat. And if you want to enjoy Assamese cuisine and know more about it, adding an Assamese matrimonial is a must. From local flavors to wedding-special menus, there are tons of dishes that one can only find at an Assamese wedding. 

The Assamese wedding food items are very different from your regular wedding dishes. With that said, dear foodies, here are five items that you must try at Assamese matrimonial without fail. 

5 Dishes You Must Look Forward To In An Assamese Matrimonial 

Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura

One key ingredient of this dish is bamboo shoot, which is popularly known as Laipatta in Assam. And while this vegetable is popular in the Northeast, not everyone can acquire the taste of it. However, if you love experimenting with food, then trying Baanhgajor Lagot Kukura at an Assamese matrimonial is a must. Made with chicken, bamboo shoots, and lentils- this dish is unique and filled with mild flavors. If you love chicken and want to try a different flavor of it, then trying this at an Assamese wedding is a must. Again, you may take some time to acquire the taste, but once you do, there's no going back from there. 

Masor Tenga

Love fish? Enjoy trying varied types of fish? If yes, then Masor Tenga is one Assamese dish you must look forward to in Assamese matrimony. The tangy fish curry is a household favorite and is cooked with tomatoes and fresh rohu fish. The dish is slow-cooked and simmered for hours to get that rich tangy curry. The key ingredients of this dish are tomato, elephant ear, and lemon. If you ever attend an Asammese wedding, you will always find this dish on the menu, and it's usually eaten with hot steam rice. So if you love to fish, we are sure the flavor of this dish will be your next favorite. 

Koldil Murgi

Again, another dish which is only found majorly in Assam. Made with banana flowers and chicken- this dish is rich in iron and fibers. The banana flower, which is also known as Koldil, is chopped very fine and cooked on a slow flame with chicken and spices like ginger, garlic, black pepper, and chilies. Being a bit on the spicier side, this one is a must-have in Assamese matrimony. Locals love this dish, and it's one of their soul foods, and we are sure once you try it, it will be your personal favorite too. So ensure that you try this one without fail. 


No wedding is ever complete without a sweet dish, and Assamese matrimony is no different. Whenever you attend an Assamese wedding- you will always find Payokh at the dessert counter. Being one of the favorite dishes in the Assamese household, Payokh is more like a kheer. It's cooked on special occasions only and has religious significance attached to it. The dish is cooked whenever there are prayer meetings involved in the wedding. It's simple to make, filled with nuts, and is one dish that is loved by people across Assam. The balance of sweet is just right, and we are sure you will love it too. 

Aloo Bengana Pitika

No Assamese matrimonial food menu is ever complete without this dish. Being a widely popular dish, it's mainly served in an Assamese Thali almost everywhere. Aloo Pitika is made with mashed potatoes, green chili, onion, chopped ginger, and so much more. The main ingredient of this dish is mustard oil. And when it comes to Pitika, in Assamese cuisine, you will also find Fish Pitika, Pumpkin Pitika, and so much more. The zesty fragrance of this dish and the taste of the spicy chilies are a delight to your taste buds. So if you love experimenting with food and don't mind trying unique dishes, try this one. It's a part of every wedding and is a must-have with rice. 

Assam is a beautiful state, and just like the place, the cuisine and the variety of food, this state has to offer are delicious. So, whenever you get a chance to attend an Assamese matrimonial- ensure that you try these dishes without fail. Do let us know which one from the list is on your bucket list in the comments below.

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