5 Unique Bridal Outfits That You Must Consider For Your Wedding

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Being a bride is one of the most joyous occasions of a girl's life. From hair to makeup and outfit, everything needs to be dreamy and perfect. Hence, we girls give it all to choose the perfect bridal outfits for our wedding functions. Be it lehenga, suit or saree - we ensure that everything is as per the latest trends and fashion. And if you are someone who is soon going to be a bride and want to look nothing but perfect at your wedding, then here are five unique bridal outfits that you must choose for your wedding. From gorgeous gharara to half saree, there are tons of attire options that you can try to look like a dream. So read on and follow these trends for your wedding. 

Unique Bridal Outfits For Your Wedding That Will Make You Look Like A Dream

  1. Half Saree: Tying a saree at times can be a painstaking task; hence the concept of Half Saree is introduced, where the pleats come readymade, and it takes less than 5-minutes to wear this saree. The beauty of this outfit is that it's the perfect amalgamation of ghagra and saree. The pleats give you the saree look, whereas the cut and the flare give you a nice skirt look, which makes the outfit look regal. If you are planning to choose one of your bridal outfits, then as a bride, you must opt for blue-gold, white-pink, red-white, yellow-white, etc., such color combinations. They will add a nice contrast to your wedding functions and will highlight your outfit well in the pictures as well. 
  1. Patiala Pants & Short Kurti: As a bride, you are expected to wear either a saree or a suit for your wedding functions; however, there's so much more to the bridal outfits than these options. How about opting for a comfy Patiala Pants with Short Kurti for one of your wedding functions? You can opt this look for either mehendi or haldi, and trust us, you will look fresh and unique. The patiala pants can be heavily embossed while the kurti can be plain, or the kurti can be heavily embossed; the patiala pants can be simple, with some design on the hem. From offwhite-red, to cream-blue, there are tons of combinations for you to choose from for this day function outfit. 
  1. Crop Top & Skirt: If you are having a summer wedding, trust us, this is one of the many bridal outfits you must be donning. Buy a heavy croche work top and pair it with a printed skirt, or buy a beaded-crop top and pair it with a satin skirt; and we’re sure that you'll look like a dream. The boho combination here will add more layers to your outfit instead of keeping it basic and blah. So ensure that you opt for something that looks good in contrast. Break the monotony and go for different prints and work so that you not only look different but also feel good about your outfit as a bride. 
  1. Potli Skirt With Long Kurti: Yes, this is one of the many fashion trends that have worked in the past, and we have seen Bollywood actresses like Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma don it too. However, the trend has made a comeback and how. Nowadays a potli bag, which is similar looking to the skirt, is cinched at the waist, which gives your skirt a royal finish. And to complement it, the skirt is paired with a long Kurti with long side cuts, so that the potli is visible, whereas the curves of the body are highlighted in the right way. Again a maroon-white, yellow-blue, gold-white combination will look great for one of the day functions. For night, you can opt for black and silver combination. 
  1. A Silk Dress: Gowns have become too common; however, they are the most common for reception or sangeet, but as a bride, we want you to experiment with more long dresses like Kaftan for your other wedding functions too. If you are having a chilled Mehendi function or an outdoor Haldi function, you can opt for wearing a long silk dress. The dress can have detailing on the neck and the sleeves, while the rest can be plain. If you are having a winter wedding, this outfit will do wonders. Keep your hair open and sleek behind, add heavy earrings, and you are all ready to look visionary. It's one of the many bridal outfits that will make you look like a chilled modern bride. 

So dear bride, if you are planning to wear something unique yet comfy for your wedding, don’t forget to add these bridal outfits to your list. Trust us, they are unique, chic, trendy and will make you look like an ultimate bride.

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