5 Types of Bridesmaids at Every Wedding. Find Out Which One Are You?


Try to think about a wedding with a bride without her crazy bridesmaids. Difficult, isn’t it? You’re right! A bride would be incomplete and helpless in a marriage without her squad of amazing women. In our opinion, they are the most underrated queens of any wedding. A bridesmaid would listen to the bride’s thoughts, second thoughts, rants, concerns, joys, and whatnot. The responsibility of a bridesmaid is to assist the bride in any way possible and make the wedding day the best day of her life.

As a bridesmaid, you will have to be the bride’s shadow. Whether it’s about getting the bookings done or feeding food to her or keeping her energy up when she’s tired from all the preparation or clicking random BTS pictures for her Insta stories, a bridesmaid is there.

There are several kinds of people around us. So are different types of bridesmaids. Have you ever thought about what kind of bridesmaid you’d be, given a chance? Will you be the most cheerful one or the most panicky one? Will you be the ultimate drama queen or a sneaking drunkard?

Well, don’t worry, as we are presenting a list of different types of bridesmaids in a marriage that will help you figure out which one you’re or you’ll be. Let’s read through the list to decide which one suits your personality best.

The Soul Sister

A soul sister is someone who clicks with the bride at every imaginable level, with whom a bride can talk about anything in the world. At times, you will feel that they are only separated by birth brought together by fate. This type of bridesmaid will fulfill all the main bridesmaid duties with full sincerity. She will leave no stone unturned doing it all. Whether it is satiating her sister bride’s craving right in the middle of a wedding celebration or assisting her to the bathroom while carrying her lehenga gently ensuring that her makeup and outfits are impeccable.

The Fashion Queen

At weddings, you must’ve noticed a girl getting the most eyeballs (Obviously, after the bride) due to her top-class fashion sense. This bridesmaid type would always pick the best dress; be it Haldi, Engagement, Sangeet, Roka, or anything else. She would make sure that all the single guys at the wedding skip their heartbeats more than once. With her impossible-to-not-notice charm and forever-charged-up energy, she brightens any marriage with her presence.

The ‘Abhi-to-Party-Shuru-Hui-Hai’ One

You don’t need to find this type of bridesmaid. She will find you by herself and drag you to the dance floor. This type of bridesmaid always has her energy levels on top, always ready to start the party with no plan to end it until morning. While she is lighting up the marriage with her ‘Thumkas’, she will make sure that her bride is always taken care of. She simply believes in living in the moment and having fun at the end of the day. So, she will not let go of these special days at any cost and squeeze the last moment of fun out of them.

The Gossip Queen

Oh well, how can we miss this one! Because believe us, this type of bridesmaid will not miss any of the things that happened during the marriage. She is that gangsta bridesmaid who will make sure anything doesn’t go unnoticed from her watch and has her eye on all the latest rumors floating around. From who is hitting on whom to who wore what on which occasion. Want to know who is the most eligible bachelor in the marriage about whom all ‘aunties’ are talking about? Well, you need to contact her, and she will surely have all the details.

The Groom’s BFF

Among all the bridesmaids, there will be one who is her jiju’s most-liked one. She will be the one who will take duties on both fronts taking care of both bride and groom. The groom wants to plan a special surprise or gift for the bride, this type of bridesmaid will make sure that everything is up to the mark without letting anyone know about this. To simply put, in a marriage where chaos is abundant, she acts as an agent of calmness for the bride and the groom.

Irrespective of their types, bridesmaids are one of their kind, drop-dead gorgeous ladies who will do anything to light up the wedding for their beautiful brides.  

We would love to know which type of bridesmaid you will be? Please comment below.

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-With Love, for Love.

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