5 Traditions That Make Buddhist Matrimonial So Different

Buddhist Matrimonial

Do you know what the beauty of weddings is? WBuddhist Matrimonialell, it's that each one of them is equally distinct and beautiful. You can never pick between a Punjabi wedding or a Marathi wedding since they both have some rituals that make them so special. When we talk about matrimonials, a lot is spoken about Hindu weddings; however, there's very little on the net about Buddhist matrimonials. And if you are attending a Buddhist Matrimony soon or simply want to know more about it, then here are five traditions you must know. Read on, and we are sure you will learn a lot about Buddhist matrimony and the beautiful rituals it has. 

Here’s What Makes Buddhist Matrimonial So Unique 

Wedding Attire

When it comes to Hindu weddings, brides usually opt for lehengas, sarees, and suits, and in Christian weddings, brides opt for a gown; however, when it comes to Buddhist Matrimonial; the outfits chosen by the brides are very different. A traditional Buddhist bride wears a long skirt with long sleeves blouse, scarf, and a jacket. The color for the outfits is usually bright, and the color black is avoided. The fabrics used are mostly brocade, and grooms use the same fabric. Grooms don a full-length pant or skirt and team it with a waistcoat and hat. However, like every wedding, brides look like a dream in the Buddhist matrimony too. 

Buddhist Weddings Are More Relaxed And Spiritual

When it comes to Buddhist Matrimonial, there are fewer ceremonies and rituals involved because people believe in celebrating the love of the couple. Hence, the festivities are spiritual and emotional. When you attend Buddhist matrimony, all you will feel is love. People are warm, and they ensure that the couple is celebrated in every possible way, and this one quality makes Buddhist matrimonials so unique. You may not find 10-functions, but attending one will make you feel loved and connected. 

You, Will, Hear A Lot Of Hymns And Blessings

Buddhist matrimonial is all about celebrating the couple and their love; hence while attending the wedding, you will hear a lot of hymns and vows. The blessings and vows are for the couple to ensure that their love remains the same. Several quotes and verses of Buddha and Dalai Lama are read at the wedding. These lines add more positivity and remind people how beautiful, pure, and important love is. Attending Buddhist matrimony is a blissful affair, and when you get a chance, ensure that you don't miss out on it. 

It Includes A Lot Of Offerings

This is perhaps one of the vital aspects of every Buddhist Matrimonial. The newlyweds visit the monastery or the place of worship and make an offering to the shrine of Buddha. From flowers to food items, there are tons of things that the couple offers. Besides this, they also light incense sticks and seek the blessings of Buddha. And while the newlywed does this, their parents also give them offerings after they exchange the vows. And being a part of this ceremony not only takes you one step closer to Buddhism but also shows you how beautiful the culture is. 

It Includes Dance, Singing & So Much More

Attending a Buddhist Matrimonial is also fun because it includes so much music, dancing, hymns, chants, etc., that it makes you believe in the power of love. It's more like a party, where everyone gathers to celebrate love. Smiling people, happy hearts, good mood, booze, fun, and short rituals are all what Buddhist matrimonial is all about. 

Some rituals in Buddhist matrimony may be similar to Hindu or Christian weddings, but the energy and sense of love that you feel here are completely different. Less show-off, no glitz and glamor, just love and joy, makes Buddhist matrimonial so unique. On that note, have you attended a Buddhist Matrimonial? If yes, do share your experience with us in the comments below. And if you are planning to attend one soon, do share your experience with us once you attend it.

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