5 Tips To Up Your Bengali Style Game In A Bengali Matrimonial

Bengali Matrimony

India is a land of diverse things. From weddings to cities and food, every place you visit in India has something unique to offer. And when it comes to weddings, there's no one better than a bride to represent the rich culture that we have to offer. Be it a Kashmiri bride with her Pehran and Tarang or a Bengali bride with red and white, every bride looks gorgeous. With that said, if you are soon going to have a Bengali matrimonial, then here are tips to up your style game as the bride. Read on, and you can thank us later for all the tips. 

Tips To Up Your Bengali Style Game As A Bengali Bride 

Opt For Intricate Alta Designs

You will be surprised to know that applying henna for the wedding was never a part of Hindu culture. In the ancient era, women applied Alta; however, with time- we started using henna which came from the Mughals. However, Bengali brides still follow the same culture and only apply Alta on their hands. And for your Bengali matrimonial, if you want to up your style game, opt for unique and intricate Alta designs. Something that not only showcases your personality but also your love for the groom. Use designs that are new but still keep the traditions alive. You can opt for a floral pattern or a boho-inspired design- the choice is yours. 

Keep It Simple And Classic

As a millennial Bengali bride, we are sure you want to try new things and experiment with your jewelry as well. But if you want to elevate your style and add more glam to your Bengali matrimonial, opt for something classic and traditional. The type of jewelry you sport will go a long way in setting the tone of your wedding. From Meenar Bala (traditional bangles) to necklaces like the Sita Haar, Pathi Haar, etc. There's nothing more beautiful than traditional jewelry pieces. For earrings, you must opt for Bala and Jhumko, and you will like the bride of your dreams. 

Invest In A Good Bengali Saree

If you love fashion and don't mind spending extra on your wedding, investing in a good Bengali saree is a must. So as a Bengali bride, opt for a heavy Benarasi saree instead of choosing the lehenga. The lehenga will make you look good, but it's the traditional saree that will make you stand out. So don't go wrong with the outfit; for your Bengali matrimonial- there's nothing more stylish and traditional than a saree. 

Go Simple And Wear Contrast

If you want to up your game for your Bengali matrimonial, the best thing is to first understand that less is more. Yep, you read that right! If you are opting for a heavy Bengali saree, go for dainty traditional jewelry; if you are opting for heavy traditional jewelry, then keep it light with the saree work. Your saree will be of red and white color, and while you can experiment with designs and work, ensure that whatever you choose goes well with your makeup and accessories. If you are in a sink, there's nothing that can stop you from looking the best. 

Stick To Your Roots

Nowadays, millennial brides like to step out of their culture and traditions and wear something trendy and hip for their wedding. And while that works well for the gram, it certainly doesn't work well in your wedding album. Hence, if you want to up your style game, you don't have to change your traditional outfit. Work around the traditional designs, look for ethnic and different designs, and add a modern touch to them. You can always look classy and unique from the rest if you follow your traditions while adding a bit of you to it. 

Dear brides, we know you want to look stunning, and for that, it's better to opt for more traditional outfits. This way, you will not only pay homage to your Bengali roots in your Bengali matrimonial but will also rock the desi look.

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