5 Tips to Make Your Mehendi Darker Than Ever

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In Indian customs, mehndi has significant cultural importance. Mehndi is a crucial component of all Indian ceremonies and festivals, whether they are marriages, Karva Chauth, or other events. New simple Mehendi designs and styles are emerging in today's modern day, giving it more glitz and joy. 

Mehndi has evolved into an accessory for future brides because weddings are the most important days of a bride’s life. There is a complete ceremony called the mehndi ceremony or ‘Mehndi ki Raat’ that is devoted to its celebration. Bridal Mehndi Ceremony is one of the pre-marriage rituals carried out the day before the wedding in Indian weddings. 

Mehndi symbolises beauty in the same way as the Haldi ritual does cleanliness. Mehndi-Ki-Raat is typically a private celebration attended only by close family, friends, and relatives, and is marked by a lot of dancing and feasting. This ritual is primarily performed by women because it is frequently combined with the Sangeet ceremony. 

But most brides worry about one thing after the bridal Mehendi ceremony. And that one thing is to get the Mehendi darker than others because there are certain things that a darker Mehendi symbolises. Here are a few tips for yet-to-be brides to get their bridal Mehndi designs to get darker. 

Use These Tips to Get Dark Mehendi on Your Hand 

Leave it for a Long Duration and it will do Wonders

Leaving the Mehendi on your hands for a long time is the quickest way to get a darker Mehendi design. After a good 6-7 hours, wash off your Mehendi design. Before putting any water on your simple Mehendi design, leave it on for at least 12 hours, preferably longer if you can. Henna begins to fade in colour as it comes into touch with water. Longer henna application times aid in colour locking and produce better outcomes.

Use Lemon and Sugar

A traditional home remedy for darkening Mehendi design is a mixture of sugar and lemon. Don't use the mixture too frequently as well. Bring some sugar-infused water to a boil. Drop in a few lemon drops. Apply your Mehndi as it is, and after it dries, add this mixture to your Mehendi design at least three times before it dries off.

While lemon juice catalyzes dye release and thorough colour penetration, the sugar keeps the bridal Mehndi in contact with the skin for deeper penetration. This is a tried-and-true home remedy that appears to work well. Applying this mixture significantly aids in maintaining the henna's darker colour. 

The myth holds that lemon is essential for achieving the desired colour, but in reality, lemon juice isn't the key ingredient. Because sugar is what determines colour so a sealant can be made without or with lemon juice and still work well.

Clove Fumes

Running your hands over the smoke of cloves on a hot skillet is another widely used home method to intensify the simple Mehendi design. Place a few cloves in a pan over medium flame. Run your hands above the pan to absorb the clove odour after allowing the cloves to warm up. Keep your hands over as long as you can over the pan.

The henna's colour is sealed in by the vapours from the cloves, resulting in a long-lasting pattern. When combined with the lemon and sugar concoction, the fumes are extremely effective. This will help in darkening the bridal Mehendi design and also make it look elegant at your wedding. 


Here's a quick tip for getting hands painted with a dark Mehendi design. If you want to make your Mehendi design darker, balms like Tiger Balm and Vicks Vapour Rub can do wonders. These balms have active ingredients that encourage the bridal Mehndi's colour development and provide deeper skin penetration. 

These items' menthol content contributes to the darker appearance of your simple Mehndi design. They raise the body's core temperature and give the henna a deeper shade. After letting the Mehendi design sit on your hands and feet for a few hours, scrape it off. In the regions where you have Mehendi, apply the balm. Keep it overnight. The following morning, a lovely and sinister Mehendi design creation will greet you.

After Tips to Remember for Further Care

  • Make sure your hands are clean and free of any oil or lotion residues, since these products may act as a barrier between your hand and the Mehendi.
  • Take a bath before applying the Mehendi design so that you can put off taking another bath for as long as you like.
  • Waxing shouldn't be done right after getting Mehendi since it could scrape the top layer of your skin off.
  • Avoid washing your hands in soapy water as this will fade your Mehendi.
  • If the sugar and lemon mixture is used excessively, the Mehendi design will turn a dark brown colour.
  • Never, ever use a blow dryer to remove the Mehndi from your hands or legs! This can further sabotage the colour and design.
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