5 Tips To Graciously Pose For Your Wedding Photographs

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You have been planning the wedding of your dreams for a while now, and we are sure you want it to be dreamy, dramatic, and fun. And while the arrangements and events you keep make them fun, they only look more dreamy when you capture every moment in pictures. When you photograph your wedding, you are not sealing the moment in pictures, but you are also building a beautiful memory for the future. Hence, you should look your absolute best in the wedding photographs you took. And to ensure the same, here are five tips on how you can graciously pose for wedding pictures without feeling too coy or awkward. Read on, save this, and we are sure you will find this helpful. 

Tips To Help You Look Your Best In Wedding Photographs

1. Slow It Down and Don't Over Practice: You want everything to look and feel the best for your wedding, and we are sure wedding photographs are no different. However, you need to ensure that you ask your photographer to take the pictures slowly. It is not a rat race where you have to take 100s of photos, take every picture slowly, with the right setting and comfort in place. And while you do that, ensure that you don't practice too much for getting clicked. When you practice too much, it somehow takes away the rawness from the pictures, which then makes them look very choreographed and framed. So when you want a candid photo, be candid, look natural, even if you are looking funny, it's fine. As long as you look at yourself, it doesn't matter much. So take it slow and don't over-practice because these things spoil the pictures. 

2. Candid Laughter is The Best: Whether you are taking a solo picture as a bride/groom or taking it as a couple, remember that there's nothing more pleasing than candid laughter. Candid laughter always looks fabulous on camera; it captures the emotions you are feeling at the very moment. So don't try and rehearse the candid smiles and laughter; it's your wedding day - we are sure you are happy; let that happiness radiate on your face. When you smile from within, you don't need training for it. So keep this in mind while posing for the wedding photographs, that candid is only the best when it isn't staged. 

3. Get Used To The Camera: You are not a professional poser, and we understand that. The wedding photographer knows that it takes time for couples to warm up in front of the camera. So don't be hard on yourself and do things you aren't comfortable with. If you aren't comfortable doing fancy poses, it's okay, be with your partner like you always are, and we are those shots will be the best. Focus on building memories and not pictures; leave everything else to the wedding photographer. The most important thing you need to keep in mind while posing graciously, is being yourself. Don't try to imitate others; take your own sweet time to get used to the camera, and we are sure you'll have some great pictures as an outcome. 

4. Add Some Props: The perfect setting and ambiance help you pose for pictures naturally. Hence, ensure that you have some props while getting your wedding photographs clicked. From funky signboards to sunglasses or a glass of drink, everything and anything can be used as a prop. These props not only add more value to the pictures but let you be yourself. So if you are not comfortable posing naturally for the camera, always use some props to pose graciously for your wedding photographs. Add this point to your wedding planning list so that you can arrange the props for the pictures in advance. 

5. Discuss It With Your Partner: If you don't feel confident or secure in front of the camera, discuss this with your partner and see how you can tackle this situation. We are sure your partner will comfort you and ensure that you are okay in front of the lenses. You don't need to be a pro, so don't be hard on yourself. Just remember that this is your special day, and the only people who can spoil it are you two. So as a couple, discuss things if they bother you and be yourselves in front of the camera. Your wedding photographs are for your future memories and not for everyone to see and comment on. 

Wedding photographs are fun and hold a very special meaning in our hearts. And to ensure that you look nothing but yourself and happy in pictures, make sure that you just relax and follow the above-mentioned tips. And if you are someone who has gotten married recently, do share some tips that you applied, with us in the comments below. 

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