5 Tips To Choose The Right Wedding colors For Marriage

wedding colours

Wedding planning is no joke. As a couple, you have to be involved in every step of the wedding planning process to get it right. From decor to outfits and wedding food menu, a lot needs to be taken care of. Yes, there are people to help you with things, but there are some decisions that only you can make as a couple. And one of those decisions is finalizing the wedding colors for your marriage.

Wedding colors decide the theme of your wedding, the look and feel of your marriage, and so much more. They add the right amount of color to the pictures and make everything around look eye-catching and pleasing. So when it comes to choosing the wedding colors, there are certain steps that you need to follow. Wondering what they are? Well, we've got you covered with that one. Here are five tips to help you find the wedding colors of your dreams. We understand it's a lengthy process, but we are sure you will enjoy every bit of it. So read on to know more.

5 Fun Tips To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Wedding color

  1. Think About Your Favourite colors: Even though you know a lot about color schemes and swatches, it's always better to consider your favourite color as a couple first. Think of the colors that you know symbolize your wedding, colors you both love and something that pops in pictures. And once you know what those colors are, visit a nearby paint store and check some colors out. See how they look in reality - will they compliment your wedding theme, your outfits, etc. Think carefully about the combination of yours and your partner's color, check those colors in person, visualize it, and Bingo, there you have your wedding colors ready. 
  1. Choose The Wedding Colors As Per The Season: If you cannot mutually decide the colors that will look best for your marriage functions, it's better to take some inspiration from the season you are getting married in. For example, snow-white, cranberry, blue, silver, and peach are more winter colors, they represent the winter season, so if you are getting in winters, you know which colors are best suited for you. Similarly, rich hues of browns, greens, and plums are perfect for a fall wedding. So if fall season is your pick, these colors should be for you. Yellow, orange, bright pink, and such colors signify summer, so pick these if you are having a summer season. Every season can be defined with colors, research well about it, and we are sure you will end up finding the right one. 
  1. Pick Only Two colors: When it comes to wedding colors, one can go all out with it - however, that's something you should not do. You don't want your wedding to look all over the place - it should follow a sense of color scheme, symmetry, and some combination, so make sure that you choose a combination of only two colors. It can either be red and yellow, blue and white, pink and green or something that your wedding represents. Don't add too many colors - you think they may look good, but they might look chaotic, so it's better and safer to stick to two colors. 
  1. It Depends On When The Function Is: One of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing wedding colors is the time of your wedding. If you are having a day marriage, choosing bright colors should be your thing. Dark colors look dull in the day, whereas bright ones pop well in the ambiance and your wedding pictures will look amazing. And when it comes to night weddings, bright colors look too bright because of the lighting, so here you should opt for dark colors like dark blue, maroon, and brown so that they look good in the light. So once you know the type of wedding you are having, the location where it will be taking place, you can decide the wedding colors accordingly. 
  1. Whether The Wedding Is Indoors Or Outdoors: When the wedding takes place indoors, a lot of decor items get added to the list, and choosing wedding colors then also depends on the type of backdrop and props that will be used in the background. Similarly, if your marriage is taking place outdoors, it will be better to consider the sunlight. You don't want the pictures to look too bright in the frame, and you don't want your decor to look gaudy. Hence, for that - understanding the setup, the additional props, and the backdrop is important. It helps you choose a color scheme that will go in sync with everything else. 

Choosing the right wedding colors for your dream wedding can be a task, but if you keep these factors in mind, we are sure you will find the perfect color for your marriage. 

On that note, what wedding color will you choose for your wedding? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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