5 Things You Must Avoid Doing While Being In A New Relationship

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Relationships need work. Be it new or old, you have to put in some effort to have a healthy relationship. And while the old relationships are built on trust, understanding, and several other factors, it's the new ones that take time to build. So if you have just entered a new relationship, and are feeling lost, don't worry, that's completely natural. However, there are a few things that you must avoid doing. Wondering what that is? Read on and know five things to avoid in a new relationship. Avoiding these things will help you strengthen the new bond while keeping the past in the past

Things To Avoid in A New Relationship

  1. Comparing Your Partner To Your EX: Relationships don't work out for a reason, and there are no breakups without any issues. So if you have broken up with your partner, moved on, and found someone better, how about not making comparisons. No one likes to be compared, and while you share some fond memories with your ex, don't try to make it evident in front of your partner. Everyone is different, and you cannot expect your partner to have the same qualities as your Ex. Besides, talking and comparing your present to the past will also show how stuck you are, and there are chances that you won't be able to give your 100 percent in this new relationship. And unintentionally, you will also make your partner feel that they are not good enough for you. 
  1. Hiding Things With Your Partner: When you are in a new relationship, the first and foremost thing you need to do is be honest about your feelings. Talking about things you like and dislike not only helps you connect better but also maintains transparency in the relationship. As a couple, if you have great understanding, then the fear of being judged will always be at bay. So ensure that you are vocal and expressive about everything in your relationship before and after the wedding. Hiding things is one of the many things that you should avoid since that not only creates complications it also shows that you don't trust your partner enough to tell them everything. Being in a new relationship gives you chances to mess up and grow as a couple, so use that and don't hide anything with your partner. 
  1. Posting Way Too Much About It: Yes, you are in a new relationship, in a happy space with someone you love, and while you should say it out loud to the world, there should also be some limitations to how much goes onto social media. Don't post everything about your relationship; it will not only make you look funny, but if the relationship doesn't work out, you'll be embarrassed about sharing so much online. So, while you want to say out loud that you are in love, learn to measure your happiness while posting on social media. Express it to your partner and talk about it with your friends and loved ones, but posting everything online is a big NO. Plus, there can be chances that your partner isn't comfortable with so much online PDA, so consider their feelings too. 
  1. Being Too Demanding: Now, when we talk about being demanding, it's not only about materialistic things it's also about emotional things. You have entered a new relationship; you cannot and shouldn't expect your partner to be available all the time. You shouldn't demand attention and care 24*7, this will only make you look needy and clingy, and we are sure you don't want your partner to have these opinions about you. So it's better to take some calculative moves at the beginning of the relationship and, once you are comfortable, set some boundaries for each other, then you can demand whatever you want. Because till then, a sense of understanding and trust will be built between you two. So remember, don't come out as someone who demands attention all the time. There are chances that your partner won't appreciate this behavior. 
  1. Not Making Efforts: This one is one of the many situations to avoid in your new relationship that you must take care of. We can understand that you don't want to come across as someone too pushy or needy, but that doesn't mean you will not make efforts in your new relationship. Yes, you don't need to open all your cards at once, but you have to be expressive. Your partner should know that you care and cherish the bond you two have. This way, they will know that you are there for them. So ensure to take efforts just like your partner in the relationship and don't take them for granted. And you should continue doing it after the wedding because it is a good thing to keep doing this. 

So if you have just entered into a new relationship, keep these things in mind and avoid them by all means. You don't have to hide your feelings or not be yourself; avoid doing things that you will regret in the future. On that note, what's a big NO for you in a relationship? Let us know in the comments below. 

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