5 Things To Do Before Planning The Wedding At Your Place

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The pandemic, which began in March 2020, has taught us many things. Things like remote working, intimate weddings, and online weddings, which were native pre-pandemic, have become a must now. And when we talk about the intimate wedding, there's a lot that one has to consider before planning the wedding. Be it the venue, guest list, or food - couples have to ensure that everything takes place, keeping the covid scene in mind. And while the conditions have improved a bit, an intimate wedding is still the flavour of the season. 

Now, if you are planning the wedding at your place, here are five things you must keep in mind. Read on, and these tips will definitely help you plan the wedding of your dreams. 

5 Things To Keep in Mind For Home Wedding 

  1. Understand The Structure Of Your House: You cannot have a heavy chandelier in a low-ceiling house or do massive floral decor in a small hall. Hence, before planning the decor and theme of your wedding or your friend's wedding, study the structure of your house closely. Check out the good spots where there are windows since there'll be a lot of scope for natural light, which will contribute to great pictures. Keep a room or two for the bride and her gang to get ready. The main proceedings can take place in the hall or backyard, depending on the type of your house. If you have a terrace flat, a lot can be done on the terrace. So study the house carefully before planning the wedding. 
  1. Use The Space That You Have Memories With: If you have grown up in the house you are getting married at, use the special and the most memorable place for the main ceremony. You are starting a new chapter in your life post the wedding; hence starting it at a place that's filled with good memories will only bring you more joy and happiness. So when you decide on a special corner for the celebrations, always choose the space you have memories attached with. 
  1. Hire A Clean-up Crew: Before starting the wedding prep and other things, always make sure that you hire a clean-up crew to clean the space before and after the wedding. It's always good to get married in a super clean place (your house in this case) - it gives you a nice feel and a good vibe. So make sure to get it cleaned before you start planning the wedding since things can be done super smoothly if you do it in a non messy environment. Besides, a spick and span home will guarantee that any clutter doesn’t come across in your day of photos. 
  1. Keep The Guest Count In Mind: When you start planning the wedding, the most important thing you must consider is the guest list. If your house can accommodate 75 people, make sure you invite 75 people only. Don't go overboard with the numbers, and even if you do, ensure that your guests RSVP for the wedding. An exact number plus five will help you arrange food, furnishing, and other amenities. Besides, if you are planning to have an intimate wedding, it's better to plan it the intimate way instead of going overboard with people. Plus, you also should ensure that everyone attending the wedding gets enough space to sit and enjoy all the ceremonies. 
  1. Do It As Per Your Style: Taking inspiration from other weddings is always a good idea - however, sticking to your style and ensuring that your wedding highlights your taste as a couple is very important. If you and your partner like roses, opt for the roses decor even if others suggest lilies. If you guys want to hire a band for live music instead of a DJ, you should do what you like. Your wedding should highlight things that represent your relationship and not any trends. So focus on the sentimental value of your wedding and highlight more of your style while finalizing the details of the event, even if that meanders a bit from the ambiance of the home. 

So dear couples, if you are planning the wedding at your home, don't think small, channel your creativity, and do everything that represents your love. You don't have to limit your ideas to space- everything can be altered- however, you should make sure that whatever you choose is your personal choice and not a trend. On that note, if you have planned a home wedding, we would love to have your suggestions in the comments below.

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