5 Things That Make Marathi Matrimonial So Simple And Unique

Marathi Matrimonial

When you talk about Indian weddings - they are always expected to be grand. However, with intimate weddings taking the front seat, several matrimonies are known for simplicity. And one of them, without a doubt, is the Marathi Matrimonial. From food to outfits and rituals, everything is simple, and that's what makes it so special. If you are attending Marathi matrimony soon or curious to know more about it, here are five things that make them unique and distinct. Read on, and we are sure you will thank us later. 

Things That Make Marathi Matrimonial So Different 

Food Is Simple

When you attend a Marathi Matrimonial, you'll realize that the food options are limited, yet the quality is top-notch. Maharashtrians don't believe in keeping 30-40 dishes; they believe in quality over quantity. So at a traditional Marathi Matrimonial, you will get dishes like Dal Rice, Puri, Dry Aloo Bhaji, Aamras, Puran Poli, etc., these dishes are consumed by people daily. Hence they prefer keeping such basic food so that everyone can enjoy it without thinking much about the oil or the quality. However, during the wedding reception, Maharashtrians do keep some variety, but for the main Marathi matrimonial, the options are pretty limited. 

The Rituals are Quite Simple

A typical Maharashtrian matrimonial can be over in a day. Yep, you read that right! Unlike other matrimonials, Maharashtrian weddings are less complicated and more fun. They don't believe in having 20-customs- they only have the ones that matter the most. When you attend a Marathi matrimonial, you'll be in awe of the simple yet culturally rich functions they have to offer. Even the bride and the groom are dressed quite simply, and you'll really enjoy attending a wedding of this kind. In fact, their weddings are all about finding joy in the little things. 

The Main Functions Are Quite Limited

The main wedding functions are limited in a Marathi matrimonial. The main events are the Sakhar Puda (engagement), Halad Chadavane (Haldi), wedding and the reception. A lot of people attend these events. Besides this, the pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals are attended by close-knit friends and family. In a Marathi matrimonial, all the rituals are shot, which doesn't make the wedding boring. They are simple, traditional and worth every frame. So if at all you are planning to attend a Marathi Matrimonial, don't expect anything huge or grand, the wedding is simple, and you'll love the way it is. 

Most Rituals Take Place During The Day

If you are someone who loves partying all night long at weddings, Marathi matrimonial may not be your scene. Why so? Well, it's because most of the functions in a Marathi matrimonial take place during the day. The ceremonies begin by matching the horoscopes of the couple, followed by engagement, Haldi, holy prayer, etc. And most of these functions take place during the day, while the dance and cocktail is the only event to take place in the evening. Being a heart-warming affair, you will enjoy seeing people dance and sing at this matrimonial. 

There's More Of Culture

Marathi matrimonials are all about honoring the culture and traditions. Every ritual has a meaning to it, and there's a reason why people have followed it for centuries. Be it the Karmasampati ritual, where the bride's father, along with the newlywed, prays to a lord, or the Grihapravesh, where the groom's family welcomes the bride to her new house. Every ritual that takes place has significance. 

So this is why Marathi weddings are so distinct. There may not be much pomp and grandeur, but trust us, the simplicity, honesty, and the significance of these rituals make them a must-visit. And while you attend a Marathi matrimonial, don't forget to relish a bite or two of the classic Puran Poli, which will be topped with pure ghee. On that note, have you attended Marathi matrimony? If yes, how was your experience? Do share it with us in the comments below.

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