5 Things Brides Should Avoid Doing 1 Day Before Their Wedding


In today's world, we women have our set of aspirations, goals, and dreams to achieve-however, amid all this, one thing we all dream about is having a fairytale wedding. From donning a stunning lehenga to having a picture-perfect location-we brides start dreaming about our wedding from the time we understand the meaning of it. And as brides, we have tons of things to do before the wedding. However,  we must avoid some things by all means. t Wondering what those are ? 

Well, dear brides, here are five things you must avoid doing a day before your wedding. It’s your big day, live the dream and make the most of it. And for doing that, make a note of these things, and you can thank us later! 

5 Things Brides Shouldn’t Do A Day Prior The Wedding 

  1. Experimenting With New Skincare Products: As brides, we want our skin to glow as we want to look nothing but perfect on our big day, and in the hope to look like an absolute diva, we try new skincare or makeup product a night before the wedding without giving it any thought. However, that's ONE mistake brides should avoid making. You don't know if the new product will suit your skin or not - what if you end up getting rashes? Don't risk your skin, especially the night before the wedding. We suggest that you stick to what you have been using; let the beauty blogger in you relax for a while. Let your skin breathe and let it be chemical-free. 
  1. Avoid Binge Eating: You have always dreamt of having a filmy wedding, and the day is finally arriving tomorrow- so we can understand all the nervousness, anxiety, and mixed emotions you might be having, but don't let those feelings overpower you. Do NOT by any means eat junk the night before your wedding. Binging on junk will make you feel bloated the next day, and your skin will also feel dull, and we are sure you don't want that. So if the nervousness and anxiety kick in, have lots of water and fruits, and meditate for a while. Remember you have to look nothing but the best on your big day. Dear brides, before the wedding, bid goodbye to all your favorite chips and treats. 
  1. Not Sleeping Well: Just like Carrie and her gang in Sex and the city, or Monica and her gal pals in Friends, we too want to spend our last night as a single girl with our gal pals- however, no matter how much you want gossip all night, please prioritize sleep over all this. Brides should get a good 8-9 hours of sleep before the wedding and if you don't sleep well, get ready to have a swollen face and puffy eyes on your wedding. Besides, you won't enjoy 100 percent if you don't rest well, and we are sure you don't want that. So ditch all the gossip and long skincare routines, and sleep like a baby before the wedding. 
  1. Drinking Or Partying Too Much: When you have functions back to back, it's natural for you to let loose and have fun. However, as brides, we must remember that while Cocktail and sangeet night is fun, we should drink in control so that we are not in a hungover state the next day. Hence, ensure that you don't drink or party too much the night before the wedding. Spend time in your room, watch a movie, read a book and go to bed early. The more you sleep, the better you glow at your wedding. So stay away from the late nights and say yes to a sound sleep! 
  1. Avoid The Unnecessary Stress Or Drama: Yes, your body needs a good eight-nine hours of sleep, but your mind needs that peace too. So kick out all the negativity and stress the night before the marriage. Pen your feelings down, and try being in a positive state of mind. Don't stress too much about the wedding-related logistics and hand over everything to your bridesmaids and family members. The only thing you need to do is stay excited and happy about your wedding. And you can only achieve that by reducing stress. So, by all means, keep the unwanted drama and stress at bay and enjoy your last moments as a single girl stress-free. There's nothing like a happy state of mind, and you should be nothing but that. 

So dear brides, we know how excited you are for your BIG day, and we just want you to be nothing but happy. And for that, all you have to do is, ignore doing the above-mentioned things. On the flip side, if you are a newlywed, do share some dos and don'ts for the brides-to-be in the comments. We are sure they will love all the advice.

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