5 Sweet Dishes For Your Marathi Matrimonial Functions

Marathi Matrimonial

Indian weddings are incomplete without sweets. No matter how many cuisines and varieties you offer, your buffet is incomplete if you don't have a sweet treat. Be it the classic Moong Dal Ka Halwa in Gujarati Weddings or Shrikhand in Marathi weddings- every sweet has its fan following. When we talk about Marathi matrimonial, if you are getting hitched in Marathi Matrimonial wedding, we are sure there are tons of things that you are yet to finalize, and if deciding on the food menu is one of them, we have something for you. Here are five sweet dishes you must consider adding to your Marathi Matrimonial. Add it for your Sangeet, Haldi, or main wedding function, but trust us, you cannot miss out on these dishes. 

5 Sweet Dishes That Are The Main Hero Of Marathi Matrimonials

Fried Modak

When it comes to Modaks, people often think that it's only made during Ganesh Chaturthi. Yes, it is a special Ganesh Chaturthi delicacy, and we get to enjoy tons of varieties during the festive season. However, Modak can be a part of other celebrations as well. Fried Modak is a sweet treat that is quite popular in Maharashtra, hence you must consider adding it to your Marathi Matrimonial wedding as well. Deep-fried dumplings stuffed with grated jaggery, dry fruits, and coconut is a staple dish that every Maharashtrian swears by; hence adding it to your food is a must. Serve them at your Haldi function or during the wedding and post-wedding functions - we are sure your guests will enjoy having them. 


Popularly known as Gujiya, Karanji is again a Diwali and Holi staple, however, this humble Maharashtrian sweet is preferred at weddings as well. The crispy coating of Karanji is stuffed with sweet coconut, raisins, and nuts fillings, making it a crowd's favorite. Several mithai shops add a twist to this Maharashtrian specialty, and if you are up for experimenting, you can opt for Chocolate Karanji or Mango Karanji as well. However, we suggest that you stick to the basics and keep this dish as it is for your Marathi Matrimonial functions. Keep it on your Sangeet night or your Haldi - either way, this dish will be a hit. 


Are you even planning a Marathi Matrimonial wedding if you don't have Shrikhand on your food menu? Whether you plan a summer wedding or a winter one, Shrikhand is a must. Pair it with Puri, and we are sure your guests will thank you for this combo. From Kesar Pista to Mango and Eliachi, there are tones of flavors for you to choose from. A perfect mix of sugar, saffron and cardamom powder - this sweet dish is royal and affordable at the same time. And guess what? You can keep it at all your wedding functions. So what are you waiting for? Add this piece of goodness to your list and thank us later. 

Puran Poli

Puran Poli is not only a hit Maharashtrian dish for all the festivities, but several households also like to indulge in this every week or at least twice a month. So when you are finalizing the wedding menu for your Marathi Matrimonial, how can you miss out on this? Made with chana dal, cardamom powder, sugar, and ghee, this sweet dish is everyone's favorite. You can serve them as a snack by making mini versions or keep them for the mains or dessert, the choice is yours, but Purani Poli cannot be missed. It's healthy, filling, and has to be on your list. 

Til Ladoo

Til Ladoo, which is savored on Makar Sankranti, is shared with your loved ones so that it brings them love, luck, and fortune. And while this dish is a festive special, you can have it on your wedding menu also. You can add more dry fruits and make it a Til Dry Fruit Ladoo or coat it with Almonds and name it Almond Ladoo. Traditionally the ladoo is made with Sugar/Jaggery and Sesame Seeds, but for the wedding, you can definitely add an ingredient or two. So dear couples, make sure that this one too is a part of your Maharashtrian matrimonial. It's a light bite, and one can have 2-3 in one go; hence it's a good idea to keep it for your Mehendi and other daily functions. 

If you are planning a Marathi Matrimonial, ensure that you add these sweet treats to your functions. On that note, if you have to pick between Karanji and Puran Poli, which one would you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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