5 Rituals Every Kashmiri Pandit Follow In Their Kashmiri Matrimonial

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If there's heaven on earth, it's in Kashmir. We often hear this phrase and trust us, Kashmir is every bit of heaven on Earth. From the beautiful Dal lake in Srinagar to the picturesque valleys of Pahalgam, every place in Kashmir screams peace and serenity. And while Kashmir is a great place to explore in India, it's the cultures, traditions, and wedding customs that bowl us over. Be it the normal Kashmiri matrimonial or Kashmiri Pandit matrimony. There's something about these rituals that make them so special and unique from the rest. With that said, here are five rituals of the Kashmiri Pandit matrimonial that you must know about. Read on for all the deets. And we are sure you'll be stunned just like us. 

Rituals About Kashmiri Pandit Matrimonial You Must Know 


If you know anything about Kashmiri Matrimonial, you must know that it's filled with rich traditions. And when it comes to Kashmiri Pandits, there are tons of pre-wedding rituals they follow, and one has to Kasamdry. It's a formal ceremony, where the wedding dates are fixed, and everything is finalized. Here, the elderly members meet in the temples and exchange flowers as an agreement and beginning of the celebrations. Post this ritual, the bride's family arranges a traditional Kashmiri meal for everyone. In this process, the eldest aunt of the bride and the groom prepare a unique dish- Var, which is a Kashmiri rice pudding and distributes it among the neighbors and relatives to celebrate the beginning of the Kashmiri matrimonial.


Another interesting ritual that Kashmiri Pandits follow in Kashmiri matrimony is Livun. The bride and groom's families have to clean the house before the wedding function begins. An auspicious date for Livun is picked, and the married women in the families are a part of this celebration. Married women in the groom and bride's house participate in this ritual and are gifted cash, clothes, etc., by the bride's and groom's parents. Post, Livun, comes Wuri, where the family installs a mud-and-brick oven called ‘Wuri’, where all the food for the wedding functions will be cooked. You must know that meat is not a part of Kashmiri Pandit matrimony; hence only traditional dishes are prepared. 


Again, a very important ritual in Kashmiri matrimonial for the Kashmiri Pandits. Here, the groom and bride leave behind their bachelor life for married life and seek the blessings of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The ceremony is followed at their respective homes, and to ensure that everything goes well, the family members and relatives of the bride and the groom keep a fast a day before this auspicious ceremony. In fact, this ceremony takes place before the holy fire, and the family priest is called to the groom's and bride's house to conduct this ceremony in a Kashmiri matrimonial. 


The main wedding ceremony in a Kashmiri matrimonial is known as Lagan. The Kashmiri Pandits take seven rounds around the holy fire, and it is done in a unique way. The first vow is taken around the sacred fire by stepping on seven one rupee coins. And once the ceremony is complete, the bride and groom feed other rice. And after this ceremony Posh ceremony takes place. Here, the couple sits down, and red cloth is placed on their head, and the guests shower flowers on them while the priest recites the mantras. The posh ceremony is more like worshiping the couple as Shiva and Parvati. 

Roth Khabar

This is an interesting wedding ritual in Kashmiri matrimonial, which takes place after the wedding. And mostly, all Kashmiri pandits follow this ceremony. Here on a Tuesday or a Saturday, the parents of the bride send home-baked traditional cake to her Sasural. The baked cake is known as Roth, and once that cake arrives at the house, the bride goes back to her parent's house for a few days with the person who brings the cake. This ritual is similar to Pag Phera, which takes place at Hindu weddings, but it has a unique touch that makes it so special. 

Kashmiri Pandits have a special way of celebrating Kashmiri matrimonial, and all these rituals make the wedding even more special.

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