5 Reception Entry Ideas As A Couple That You Must Check Out ASAP

entry ideas

Wedding functions, be it Sangeet, Haldi, Mehendi, or even the main ceremony, are stressful yet precious. However, if there's one function where the couple looks most relaxed, it has to be the reception. The reception takes place towards the end of the wedding, which also brings an end to all the wedding rituals. And while a lot of focus is given to the other functions, it's the reception that one takes the least interest in. So if you are planning a wedding, and considering doing something fun at your reception, then we have something for you. Here are five reception entry ideas that we know you'll love by all means. So read on, and you can thank us later. 

Reception Entry Ideas Perfect For The Couples Who Want To Do Something Unique

  1. Enter Dancing: As we mentioned, reception is the last wedding function your guests attend. Hence, to make it most memorable and fun, how about you dance with your partner and make a grand entry? No, we are not suggesting a slow dance; we are talking about a fun entry song that will instantly fill the room with laughter and joy. You can enter dancing on Tune Mari Entriyaan with your partner or even choreograph a song you both love. You can also enter with your brides and groom squad by planning a fun flashmob. Or you can ask the event managers to switch off the lights before, and upon your entrance, they can put a spotlight and make everything around more dramatic. 
  1. Enter On A Bullet: Go all out and fulfill your Bollywood fantasies by entering your reception on a bullet. You can enter any famous Bollywood dialogue or pick a song, but this entry will be a crowd-pleaser. You can even do some small stunts(if possible) and entertain your guests with a stellar entry. Get this choreographed, and we are sure this will be one of the entry ideas your guests will love. Besides this, you can use the bullet, enter solo, say a dialogue, and ask your bride to sit with you. It can be termed "Going On A Ride Forever." There are tons of things you can do with a bullet. So plan it well, and you'll come up with plenty of such filmy ideas. 
  1. Enter With The Fireworks: Fireworks depict happiness, and there's no better place to have a fireworks show than at your reception. Plan the best fireworks, and once the show starts, make a royal entry with your partner. Be it Diwali or India winning any match - no celebration is ever complete without fireworks. Hence, make the most of it and add it to your entry ideas list. Fireworks add drama, sparkle and fill the sky with lights, which makes it a perfect prop for the reception. So we are saying, ask the DJ to play your favorite romantic song, light up the sky with fireworks and enter your reception venue in style. 
  1. Sing And Enter: If your partner is good at singing, make the most of their talent, and enter the reception musically. Your partner can sing a song that means the most to the two of you, and you can enter holding hands. It will be a fairytale moment, and we are sure it will leave everyone mesmerized. If you are looking for song recommendations, we have a few. You can sing Perfect by Ed Sheeran, Tum Hi Ho by Arijit Singh, or Dil Diya Galan by Atif Aslam. You can take this to the next level, you can add some balloons, roses, and fairy lights to make the setup dreamy. 
  1. Enter Through A Floral Passage: If you want the entrance to the reception to be colorful and vibrant, you can opt for such reception entrance ideas. The passage can be decorated with flowers, and you can walk amid that with your partner by your side. Such designs look bold, stunning, and elegant, making them perfect for a wedding reception function.

As a couple, we are sure you must have thought of entrance ideas for all your wedding functions, and we have just helped with some reception entry ideas too. Do let us know in the comments which one you would love to try at your wedding reception. Also, if you have any suggestions in mind, drop them in the comments below.

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