5 Reasons Why You Must Consider Renting Your Bridal Lehenga

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Brides love to plan every minute detail of their wedding. The reason: They will live this day only once in a lifetime and want everything to be nothing but perfect. And one of the most important tasks for every bride is to choose her wedding outfits and bridal lehenga in particular. Several brides opt to get their bridal lehenga from a designer boutique, while many enjoy designing one and getting stitched by their tailors. However, no one ever considers renting it. 

We know you are going to be getting married once, and your bridal lehenga will be one of the best memories of your wedding, but what's wrong with renting? Well, as we know, weddings in India are not solely about celebrating the love of the couple - it's also about spending tons of money on food, decor, wedding outfits, venue, etc. And if you are planning to have a budget wedding, you should consider renting your bridal lehenga. Not convinced to do so? Well here are five reasons why you must consider renting it. Check them out!

5 Reasons Why Brides Should Rent Their Bridal Lehenga 

  1. You Only Wear It Once: Yes, while buying wedding outfits, you will definitely think of multiple ways to wear your bridal lehenga post-marriage. However, the truth is that you will never wear it again. Even if you restyle it, you might wear it once or twice and not more than that, plus maintaining that lehenga will cost you a couple of bucks. And don't forget, we are a generation of fast fashion, what we wear for our wedding today won't be in style after three months, since the trends change every season. Hence, it's only sensible to rent your bridal lehenga keeping the trend in mind, and return it once the wedding is over. This way, not only will it save a lot of money but will save you a lot of closet space. 
  1. It’s Very Expensive: Designer or not - you cannot ignore the fact that wedding outfits, bridal lehengas in specific, are super expensive. Even if your lehenga is from a small boutique in Delhi, it will at least cost you Rs.80,000-1,00,000, which is a lot of money. And not only this, the better the design and fashion, the higher the price. And at times, you do compromise on the design keeping the budget in mind. Hence, it's a good idea to rent the bridal lehenga.  This way, you can wear your favorite designer brand without spending lakhs on this and still feel good about it. You not only get a chance to be photographed in them, but you also get to feel like the bride of your dreams. And that, as per us, is a win-win situation. 
  1. You Don't Need To Care About The Aftercare: Buying a bridal lehenga might not be a big deal for you, but maintaining it before and after the wedding can be a task. From ensuring that it's kept in a proper place to storing it in a wooden box and getting it dry cleaned every year to maintain its shine can be a task. You will be spending lakhs on the bridal lehenga, and you would want each of its stones to stay intact for years - hence its maintenance will also take a lot of your time and effort. Plus, you will also have to make sure that you have good space in your closet to store your bridal lehenga. Hence, dear bride, it's better to rent the outfit so that you don't have to worry much about it. After the wedding, all you have to do is get it dry cleaned before returning. 
  1. It's A Lot Of Money: Yes, you have always dreamt of wearing a particular designer lehenga as a bride, but spending lakhs on the lehenga makes no sense. You can very well use that amount somewhere else. From planning an exotic honeymoon to investing in jewelry, you can use the money for experience and investments. That money will help you in the future when you need it, and unfortunately, the bridal lehenga won't. So you have to be smart in investing in a piece that will cost you big bucks. Secondly, today, every designer rents his/her stuff for a decent amount, so if you want to be a Sabyasachi bride, how about sourcing the outfit for your wedding? Sound's more feasible, right? From Flyrobe to Stage3 and Clothing Rental, several apps and stores can help you rent these designer wedding outfits. 
  1. You Get To Break The Norms: As per the societal norms, every bride buys her wedding lehenga, but you can become a trendsetter by renting it. You want to make use of that money more practically, and people will laud that thinking of yours. So be a trendsetter not only by breaking this norm but also by wearing the trendy wedding outfits that you always wanted to wear. You not only pay less to look great but also feel good about saving some money by doing so. So we are saying, break the norms and have the dream marriage your way. 

As a bride, we know you look forward to the day when you will shop for your bridal lehenga- however, while planning your wedding outfits, ask yourself this question - How Can I Use This Money In the Future? And we are sure you will get tons of answers. 

On that note, in the future, whenever you decide to get hitched, will you consider renting your bridal lehenga? Let us know in the comments. 

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