5 Questions Every Guy Wishes To Ask Girls In Telugu Matrimony

Telugu Matrimonial

People say that marriages are made in heaven, but to make them work on earth is our responsibility. And for that, it's necessary to know everything about your partner. No question is ever wrong or unnecessary, so before you finalize the wedding dates and start with wedding prep, ensure to ask all the relevant questions to your to-be betterhalf. On that note, here are five questions every guy wishes to ask his betterhalf in a Telugu Matrimony. So dear girls, make sure that you have a comfortable conversation with your guy, and guys, if the questions are relevant to you, ask them without any hesitation. 

Questions Guys Want To Ask Their Betterhalf In A Telugu Matrimony 

  1. How Comfortable Are You With Rituals: Telugu Matrimonials are elegant and simple; however, they are packed with rituals and customs. As with passing days, we millennials prefer a simple wedding without any customs and functions- however, it's not necessary that everyone feels the same thing. So before starting the wedding prep, it's okay to ask the girl if she is comfortable with all the rituals and if she wants to add or minus something. If you both are on the same page, altering some customs is not an issue. But if your to-be wife wants to get hitched with all the rituals in place, you cannot go against her will. Hence, if this question always crosses your mind, make sure that you ask your partner and have a healthy discussion about it. 
  1. Are You Okay Getting Hitched The Modern Way: Traditional Telugu Matrimonials are fun, vibrant, and full of life, however, they can last for a week. And with the fast-paced life that we are leading, it sometimes isn't possible to have a wedding for that long. And if you are in two minds about the traditional wedding, make sure that you speak with your wife-to-be about this before taking any call. You both should be on the same page when it comes to wedding planning, and if, as a couple, you decide to have a modern wedding, then there's nothing wrong with it. But doing so just because it's more convenient for you is wrong. So if you have apprehensions about the traditional wedding, then bring this topic up while planning the wedding and see what your partner has to say. 
  1. What Does Your Dream Wedding Look Like: We girls start dreaming about our marriage right from the time we understand what the term marriage means. Hence, we want our marriage to be nothing but perfect. And if you too have some goals and dreams for your wedding, make sure that they are heard. And as guys, it's your job to make sure that you ask this question to your partner. So don't shy away, and ask the girl about her dream wedding, everything she wants to do, and how you can incorporate that into the wedding. It will make her feel special, and she will also realize that her dreams mean something to you. 
  1. What Are The Things That You Are Scared About: In Telugu Matrimony, everything happens by keeping the age-long traditions in mind. And while you may not believe in it, your parents do, and you don't want to disappoint them. However, there's another person you don't want to disappoint, and that's your wife-to-be. You know that things are a bit strict and difficult for girls at weddings, hence ask your partner what are the things that she is nervous about and scared about. See how you can help her and make things better for her. Sometimes, guys feel like asking this question, but they hold it back simply because they fear being judged. But dear guys, if you ask this, it only shows that you care; hence don't shy away and ask what you feel. 
  1. What Is Your Take On Marriage: We know asking this question to someone you are getting married to sounds weird, but trust us, it's not. Asking this question helps you understand if you and your partner are on the same page. And even if you are not, at least you will know what to expect and how you can deal with things in the future post marriage. For some people, marriage is more about finding a companion, while for others, it's more about responsibility, love, and understanding. Hence to be on the same page post marriage, it's vital to understand what this union means to you. And for that, if you have some questions to ask, go ahead and don't shy away from them. 

Like every other wedding, Telugu Matrimony is fun too, so make sure that you ask all the relevant and necessary questions to your bride-to-be before the wedding. It will help you understand the compatibility level and how much you need to work on your relationship.

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