5 Pre-Wedding Jitters Every Indian Groom Goes Through Before Wedding

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Getting married is no joke. Be it a groom or bride, both are equally stressed to start a new chapter in their respective lives. From thinking about financial security to kids and the future, the couple is equally nervous to start a new life post-wedding. However, when it comes to the groom, he is often seen worrying more about things that are going to change post marriage. From worrying about personal space to thinking about handling the finances, men get pre-wedding jitters, and it's completely normal to get them. So dear guy, if you are going to be a groom soon, we are sure you will relate to this one more. 

5 Pre-Wedding Jitters Every Groom Feels Before Marriage

  1. How Will I Share My Personal Space: Even if you are marrying the love of your life, you still begin to worry about things when the wedding is around the corner. And of the many things that give you pre-wedding jitters is the thought that your personal space will no longer be yours. The room that is now yours will become 'our' bedroom, the closet and washroom you set as per your convenience and liking will soon become 'our' and sharing your intimate space with someone bothers you for a while. Yes, you are ready to take the plunge, but it is common for the grooms to think about things before the wedding. 
  1. How Will I Make Changes To My Lifestyle: Everyone has a set of lifestyles they follow, and while no one needs to change that after marriage, one needs to alter it, keeping their partner in the new setting. And this pre-wedding jitter is for a groom getting married in a few days. The groom feels that he has to reshuffle everything for his wife post marriage. From watching shows that both love to ensuring that you give her all the time on weekends- things do change. And while this change is constant, men get excited and nervous about it post-wedding. 
  1. Will My Wife Be Perfect: When you marry the love of your life, you know them well; you also know the type of marriage and future you two will have together. However, in an arranged marriage setting, you try and get to know them better, but you possibly cannot understand them enough. And that's when you start questioning your choice and get pre-wedding jitters. Yes! No one, including you, can ever be perfect, but we all have certain expectations from our partners, and we only hope that they live up to them. We are suddenly going to share our life, our thoughts, worst and best moments with someone, and we all hope that the person we get hitched to is worth sharing all the moments with. So dear groom, if you fear this, then it's okay, trust the process and don’t worry about the results. 
  1. Will I Be Able To Handle Things Financially: After the wedding, one thing every man wants to do well is taking care of their partner. And while the wedding is all about equality, and women solely don't just marry for money, men often start feeling the financial burden post wedding. They start worrying about the expenses since now it's also about the other person and their wants. Yes, women are independent, but as men, it becomes their responsibility to ensure that their partner gets all the comfort they deserve. And when they start thinking about financial security and future, the pre-wedding jitters come in. It's common for a man to stress about finance since, in our society, men are always considered the breadwinners of the family. So marriage or not, this is one pre-wedding jitter that always bothers men. 
  1. Will I Be Able To Give It My All: Women too have their set of expectations from their partners, and these expectations give pre-wedding jitters to men. Men often start worrying that they have to live up to the expectations of their wives, and what if they are unable to do so? The thought of disappointing their wife post-wedding gives them jitters. However, dear men, you should realize that no one is asking you to be perfect. As a couple, you will mess up, but you will grow and learn to deal with things. So if you are in doubt today, talk to your partner about it, and we are sure they will help you take the edge off. When you know you are with the right person, you also know that the best things will only happen. 

So as a groom, if you are feeling these pre-wedding jitters, we just want to assure you that with time everything will fall in place. And it's a normal thing for couples to question everything in life before a wedding. So don't be hard on yourself and remember, whatever is happening has a reason to it and is happening for the best. On that note, if you have been married recently, what's one pre-wedding jitter you have faced post-wedding? Let us know in the comments below. 

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