5 Mistakes Every Kannada Bride Should Avoid In A Kannada Matrimonial

Kannada Matrimony

We girls are ambitious and want to make a career and build a good life for ourselves. However, there's one thing that we all dream about while growing up, and that's being an absolutely beautiful bride. Yes, we all have our fantasies, and we want to look like THE perfect bride for our groom. And while that's attainable, some hiccups come midway. Wondering what they are? Well, dear bride-to-be, here are five common mistakes you make, and here's how you can avoid them. If you are getting hitched in a Kannada matrimonial, then ensure that you avoid these mistakes by all means. Read on, and we are sure you will thank us later. 

5 Mistakes Bride Should Avoid For Their Kannada Matrimonial

Choosing Heavy Saree And Heavy Jewelry

South Indian brides usually wear sarees for their functions. They are draped and styled in different ways, but no bride ever wears a suit or lehenga for her Kannada matrimonial. And while the saree is rich, there's one mistake you make that breaks the look. Wondering what that is? Well, brides choose a heavy saree and team it with heavy jewelry. And while you think it looks good, it makes you look double your age and gaudy. Hence, it's better to follow the contrast rule. If you plan to wear a heavy saree, wear basic jewelry; however if you want to wear all the temple jewelry with other necklaces, make sure to choose a light saree. It will help you look royal and give equal attention to your saree and jewelry. 

Not Fixing A Salon Appointment

As a bride, you want to look perfect for your Kannada matrimonial; hence you book the best makeup artist in town. However, what you miss out on is pampering your feet and hands. Yep, there are tons of pre-wedding rituals that make your feet and hands dry; hence to ensure that you don't realize this on the day of the wedding,  book a pedicure and manicure appointment as well. A pedicure not only adds shine to your feet but compliments the bridal shoes that you will wear. Many brides tend to forget this thing, but for your Kannada Matrimonial, ensure that you keep this thing in mind and book an appointment by all means. 

Not Choosing Your Outfits wisely

A lot of rituals take place in a Kannada matrimonial wedding, and for every ritual, the bride needs to wear something new. Hence, when you are picking your bridal outfit, ensure that you don't spend all your money on one outfit. As a bride, you will need to wear a red and golden saree at your function, so ensure to purchase that and accordingly make a list of other outfits you plan to wear. Prepare a list well in advance so that you can buy a few of them in the off-season. Don't go for designer outfits; you should remember that you also have to buy accessories, shoes and makeup according to the outfit. Avoid spending all your money on clothes, and spend your money evenly on everything. 

Saying No To Facials

You may be one of those brides who have flawless skin; however, for your Kannada Matrimonial, you must consider getting a facial for sure. In a typical Kannada Matrimonial, the bride is expected to wear a lot of makeup, and to ensure that her skin is healthy for makeup, you must go for at least 4 to 5 facial sessions before your wedding. You can also try some herbal remedies at home to get that glowing skin. And while taking care of your skin is imperative, you must also remember to use quality makeup and hire a fine makeup artist so that your face looks flawless during the wedding rituals. 

Not Making a List

Even if Kannada matrimony is not elaborate and loud like North Indian weddings, it still has tons of things that you need to consider as a bride. Hence, making a list of all the rituals is a must. Brides often don't do this and then stress about it at the last minute. However, you can avoid all the stress by preparing in advance. Make a list of all the functions, write all the outfits you plan to wear, the accessories you have and need to buy, etc., and keep checking off the list once everything is in place. Doing this in the planned way will help you enjoy all the functions without worrying much about the next function. 

Dear Kannada bride, we are sure you can't wait to get married to the groom of your dreams. And to ensure that you enjoy all the functions with ease, avoid making the above-mentioned mistakes, and plan your wedding functions well. On that note, if you have gotten married recently, what's one mistake that a Kannada bride should avoid making during her Kannada matrimonial? Let us know in the comments below.

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