5 Food Dishes You Can Expect In Every Tamil Matrimony You Attend

Tamil Matrimony

Indian weddings are known for their rituals and grandeur, but more than that, they are also popular for the kind of food they have. In North Indian and Muslim weddings, you can expect delicious non-veg food, buttery bread, and soulful desserts, while the South Indian weddings have pure vegetarian dishes, and Tamil Matrimonials is no different. So if your BFF is getting hitched in a Tamil-style wedding, here are five dishes you can expect at their wedding. Each of these dishes holds significance, and despite being simple, they are flavourful, and we are sure you'll love each of them. So read on and know what to expect at the Tamil Matrimonial.

Food That Is Available At Every Tamil Matrimonial You Attend

  1. Kuzhambu: South Indian cuisine is rich in flavor and has crazy varieties to offer. However, most of us associate this palatable cuisine with only Idli, Vada, and dosa. And while they are a vital part, there's so much more to South Indian food. And if you are attending a Tamil Matrimonial soon, you'll find Kuzhambu on the menu for sure. Kuzhambu is a thick lentil curry made with tonnes of vegetables. Every Tamil Matrimony you attend will have a different version of Kuzhambu, but the thick lentil gravy will always be the base of the dish. Some Kuzhambu has more drumsticks, pumpkins, and brinjals. Being a famous dish of Tamil Nadu, this one is a must-have at Tamil Matrimonials.
  1. Pongal: Another famous dish that's found in Tamil Matrimonial is Pongal. And if you think Pongal is always sweet, you must know that this humble dish is available in two versions. One is Chakkarai Pongal, which is sweet; the other is Venn Pongal, which is spicy. However, when it comes to weddings, you'll usually find the sweet Pongal as a part of the dessert menu. Pongal is made with rice, and people also enjoy having it for breakfast. This Tamil dish is cooked in pure ghee, and people prefer making it with dry fruits and jaggery for weddings and other auspicious occasions.
  1. Kootu: Another famous dish that you will find in Tamil Matrimonial is Kootu. Made with seasonal vegetables and lentils, Kootu is a star dish at Tamil Weddings. And the best part about this dish is that there are different variations to it. You will never find the same time of Kootu across all Tamil weddings. Some use limited vegetables, while some enjoy making Kootu with tons of veggies. And whether you like veggies or not, this dish is a must-have dish on the Tamil Matrimonial food menu. You can have it with rice or enjoy it with crispy dosas or parathas, the choice is yours, but you can not miss out on this. Have it steaming hot, and we are sure you'll love what you eat. 
  1. Payasam: Your meal in a Tamil Matrimonial is incomplete without a Payasam. A very popular dish in Tamil Nadu, Payasam is made in every Tamil household; hence it is a must at every Tamil wedding. Payasam is made with rice or Banana, depending on the type you like. And for flavors, saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, raisins, pistachios, etc., are added. Milk is the main ingredient in payasam, and it is simmered on slow gas for at least an hour to get a perfect consistency. Enjoy it ice cold or hot - Payasam is one soulful dish that will fill your heart and tummy. You will be surprised to know that in northern India, it is famous as Kheer, and in West Bengal, people call it Payes.
  1. Thayir Saadam: Thayir Saadam is one of the popular dishes of Tamil Nadu, which you will only find in Tamil Matrimonials. It is a dish which is made by mixing curd and rice. It is served as the third main dish after Rasam. It is similar to curd rice, and you can savor it with poriyal, papadam, and pickle. Depending on the occasion, Thayir Saadam is at times, topped with pomegranate seeds and coriander leaves. The dish helps to bring the body temperature down after all the spicy food you relish before this dish. It is simple, easy to make, and again you must try it at Tamil matrimonials. Trust us; it's simple but the most soulful dish.

Whether you love experimenting with food or not, these are some of the must-have dishes in Tamil Matrimonial. Yes, they are vegetarian dishes, but the flavors and spices these dishes have will make you fall in love with vegetarian dishes. So dear bestie, if your BFF is getting hitched soon, make sure to savor these at her wedding, and we are sure you'll love what you eat. On that note, if you are a Tamilian, which is one dish that you will recommend people to have at Tamil weddings? Let us know in the comments below.

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