5 Fearless Ways For Brides To Say No To Dowry Demands

Dowry Demands

Love is pure; it needs no give and takes. And this concept shouldn't change just because you are getting married. In our Indian society, weddings are known for their culture and traditions but equally known for dowry demands. Dowry is an age-old tradition, practiced across rural and urban settings in India. And when it comes to dowry, it's the groom who receives it for agreeing to marry the bride. And over time, the government has made dowry illegal; however, some people know their way around it and ask for dowry in the name of gifts. Be it a luxury car, a house, a laptop, or a phone, anything you give as a gift to the groom and his family is considered a dowry. And if you are getting married soon, here are five ways to say no to this practice. 

Ways To Say No To Dowry Demands 

Talk To Your Family: Our Indian society is where the girl's family always succumbs under the pressure of dowry and is ready to give everything the groom's family asks. So before fighting against the dowry with the boy's family, ensure that you talk with your family first. Don't get hyper or lose your cool; take a sensible approach and talk to your parents about it. Tell them how you are an asset and not a liability to them; you are like any other guy and can take care of them in health and sickness. Post this, if any dowry demand is made, at least you and your family will be on the same page. 

Be Vocal About Your Dowry Demand Choices: If you are in a long-term relationship and planning to marry the love of your life, make sure that you clear your views on dowry first only. If the person loves you and wants to be with you because of the love and not other reasons, they will understand where you are coming from. And if not, then you should know what your next step should be. And while you have that conversation with your partner, ensure that they keep their family in the loop as well. You don't want to be in a position where the guy's family is pro dowry, and he cannot say not to them. 

Dowry is A Punishable Offense: Some people still think dowry is a part of our Indian marriage traditions, but they are so wrong about it. If you give someone something, it should only be out of love and not out of some resentment. So if at any point you find out that the groom's family is trying too hard with the dowry demands, remind them that it's illegal and if they still don't agree, call off the marriage. You must let them know that under Section 4 of the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961, people who demand dowry are liable to be jailed for at least 6 months to 2 years. 

Take A Stand No Matter What: You've had the most dreamy wedding; you've got the perfect husband and family. However, one day, you come to know that your in-laws are demanding dowry from your family post-wedding. Take a stand and let them know that this is not acceptable to you. If you think that this is a one-time thing, you should know that if you don't stop them in the beginning, the demand will only increase with time. Hence, it's better to take a stand and leave the place immediately. And if the groom loves and understands you, we are sure he will take your side. 

You Are Worthy: Girls should focus on their physical and mental well-being right from the start. If you have dreams and ambitions, go chase them, and never let anyone think that you need to pay a dowry because you are not worthy enough. You live in the 21st century, and it's time to shatter some serious glass ceilings about such things. So work hard on yourself, achieve goals, and the rest will fall in place because you are worth it. 

Dear girls, you are not an object, nothing in the world can be good enough if it has a price that you have to pay. So say no to dowry and yes to a happy life.

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