5 Essential Things Every Bengali Groom Needs For His Wedding Look

Bengali Groom

When it comes to weddings, everyone is excited to see what the bride is going to wear. People eagerly wait for all her wedding looks, especially the bridal look, giving little or no importance to the poor groom's look.. However, with changing times, grooms are equally excited to plan their wedding looks. They, in fact, have become conscious of the choices they make. The grooms now have a plethora of wedding outfit options to choose from, and when it comes to Bengali matrimony, Bengali boys for marriage have four-five elements that help them complete the look. Each element has an auspicious reason behind it, and just like the bride, the groom also has reasons to get excited about his wedding. 

The right Bengali outfit not only makes the groom look regal but is also a deal-breaker in many cases. And if you are a Bengali boy for marriage or if your friend is getting hitched soon,  here are a few wedding outfit elements that you must know of. These elements complete the groom's wedding look and are a must for all Bengali weddings.

Essential Elements Of Every Bengali Groom’s Wedding Look 

  1. Dhoti:- A Bengali groom's outfit is incomplete without a Dhoti. Hence, it is one of the most traditional elements of a Bengali boy's outfit. When it comes to dhoti, the groom usually dons a silk dhoti, either white or cream color. Some dhotis also wear cotton-based dhotis. However, silk dhotis are traditional ones. While the groom is expected to wear shades of white and beige, modern grooms also opt for red and other dark colors of the dhoti. The dhoti is plain and has simple gold embroidery on the border. The border is dainty and keeps the dhoti look pretty simple. Today, there are good quality readymade dhotis available in the market that are easy to tie. They have elastics stitched to them, and hence they stay intact and let the groom enjoy them stress-free without worrying about the wardrobe malfunction. When it comes to dhoti, the style of folding and wearing it in a particular way is known as Kochano Dhuti in Bengali. 
  1. Punjabi:- Punjabi is a silk Kurta with an intricate design on it. When paired together with Dhoti, it looks rich and ethnic. The Punjabi is usually in the shade of red and looks well with the off-white silk bottoms. However, the grooms can find them in varied colors and patterns, and each one of them feels and looks distinct and royal. The heavy embroidery goes well with the simple dhoti, and gives it a grand look. If you are looking for a modern look, you can first pick a Punjabi and pair it with monochromatic pajamas or contrast it with some shades of Dhoti and finish the look. 
  1. Topor:- Topor is donned by both the Bengali groom and the bride. It is a traditional headwear made using paper and shoals. It's a white-colored cone-shaped accessory, and is considered to be an auspicious element of the Bengali guy's wedding attire. The authentic Topor is designed by the Bengali craftsmen in Kolkata and made of the shoal. It comes in a pair, so that's one for the groom and the bride. No wedding look is complete without the Topor. You will hardly see any wedding where the groom isn't wearing a Topor on his head. Red and white are considered lucky colors for Bengali weddings. And both the bride and the groom usually don the outfits in this color scheme only, since it is also a tradition to wear these colors. 
  1. Jor:- Jor is a drape, made of silk material, and the Bengali boys for marriage are expected to wear it during the wedding rituals. It is mostly off-white or can also be chosen  in the hues of cream. The Jor usually has a thin golden embroidery, and during the wedding rituals, the groom wears just that and sits bare-chested with it hung on his left shoulder. The Jor is like silk stole  worn by other Hindu grooms during their wedding rituals. When the bride and the groom take rounds around the holy fire, the  jor is tied to the bride's dupatta, post that, they take seven rounds around the sacred fire while priests chant the holy mantras. 
  1. Jutti:- When it comes to footwear, the groom usually pairs a traditional Jutti, also known as mojdi, with this outfit. It not only looks good with the Punjabi and Dhoti but also complements the dhoti a bit more. The reason being the plane dhoti with just a single fine embroidery on it. The Jooti is heavily embossed with design and comes in shades of red and brown. Just like other grooms, Bengali grooms wear their wedding outfits with a Jutti. Some groups also opt for Leather sandals or loafers for weddings. 

Well, these are the essential elements of every Bengali groom's wedding look. However, dear Bengali boys for marriage, you must also note that times have changed, and some Bengali grooms have started to  prefer donning western suits and Sherwanis. And, when it comes to weddings, the groom looks the best in traditional outfits. Not only do they compliment the bride, but the groom also looks like a prince in the traditional outfit. Also, Bengali grooms have rich colors and fine designs to choose from, so even if they want to take a modern route, they can always add a touch of traditional elements to it. Everything ethinic and color-coordinated will also look good in the pictures. So dear Bengali groom, for your wedding , these are the elements to  make you look ethnic. Now you can either mix modern or traditional or choose depending on the theme if you are following.

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