5 Eco-Friendly Decor Ideas Perfect For Your Intimate Wedding

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Thanks to the pandemic, one thing the world has taught us is to plan an intimate wedding in the presence of our loved ones. Intimate weddings, which  once were a native concept, have now become the center of every wedding. And if you are someone who is planning an intimate wedding and want to do it right after by opting for eco-friendly designs and decor, we have something for you. 

With climate change and global warming becoming more intense, we need to plan our wedding sensibly. With that, here are five eco-friendly decor ideas that will help you plan the intimate wedding of your dreams. You can use these and thank us later. 

Eco-Friendly Decor Ideas You Must Consider For Your Intimate Wedding

  1. Say Yes To Local Flowers For Decor: Yes, you love lilies, carnations, and other exotic flowers but having them for your intimate wedding is not much of an eco-friendly idea. Exotic flowers are not readily available whereas local flowers like roses, marigolds, and sunflowers use less water and chemicals than the exotic ones filled with chemicals ‘forcing’ them to grow out of season. Marigold is the life of every desi wedding, and making more use of them, both the yellow and orange ones will not only add a nice pop of color to your wedding but will also make a stunning backdrop to the pictures. You can hire a local florist, and with their help, you can create a beautiful backdrop of roses and marigolds for your intimate wedding. 
  1. Say Yes To A Day Wedding: You cannot help but agree with the fact that day weddings mean natural light, which also equals fabulous pictures. So if you are planning a winter wedding or wedding in an enclosed space, opt for a day intimate wedding. Night weddings not only require extra flights and electricity, but they also have an impact on the energy used and the amount you spend. To save both energy and money, planning a day wedding is a sensible option. You can use floral decor, planters, origami artwork, and various other eco-friendly decor ideas for the wedding. 
  1. Opt For Eco-Friendly Material For The Decor: If you want to plan an intimate wedding with all the aesthetic and Pinterest-themed decor, consider using bamboo and other environment-friendly decor materials for the wedding instead of using plastic. You can use grass to create a backdrop and add flowers to it or use natural chemical-free colors to paint a space - there's a lot you can do without harming the environment. So, if eco-friendly decor ideas are what you need, research well about them instead of opting for plastic and chemical-based products. They not only harm the environment but also don't look good after a while. So, we suggest you get all creative while thinking about the impact it will have on the environment. 
  1. Opt For Reusable Products: When it comes to the environment, being sustainable should be your goal. So when you plan an intimate wedding, opt for reusable things and eco-friendly decor so that you can reuse them in the future. For example, use small saplings for the decor, which you can also give as a return favor to your guests, opt for dupattas and make quirky designs with them instead of using plastic and other materials. Use a chalkboard as a welcome board and ditch the cliche ones. When it comes to eco-friendly decor ideas, there's a lot you can experiment with in an intimate wedding. 
  1. Use Toxic-Free Colors And Paints: If at all you want to get things painted for the intimate marriage, opt for eco-friendly paints and colors for the decor. Many paints are made with fruit and flower colors - they are animal cruelty-free, chemical-free, and give the same pleasing vibe. So if you get the same vibe, the same look, then what's the harm in being more conscious and picking the right colors. 

Planning an intimate wedding? Look no further and use these eco-friendly decor ideas. We would love to know which ones are your favorite. You can share it with us in the comments below.

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