5 Divorcee Matrimony Myths You Must Stop Believing In Right Away

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When it comes to weddings, they say that matches are made in heaven. Yes, weddings are beautiful, and everyone loves to have a happy ending with their loved ones; however, at times- marriages don't work out, and divorces happen. 

And while a failed marriage is considered a bad thing in society, the couple, especially women, are stigmatized and blamed for the failed marriage more than the man. And tomorrow, if the same divorcee decides to get hitched again, there are tons of things said about her. So if you are a divorcee and are planning your matrimony soon, here are five myths that you must debunk right away. 

Divorcee Matrimony Myths To Stop Believing In NOW

You Are Getting Remarried Because You Feel Lonely

Your first marriage didn't work out. That's okay. Not everyone finds the right partner on the first go. And if at all you plan to get hitched for the second time, as a divorcee, you must make it clear that you believe in second chances and you are marrying because you are in love and not because you are lonely and afraid. While attending divorcee matrimony, there'll be a lot of things that people will talk about; however, you must focus on your partner and do whatever works the best for you two. 

You Don't Want To Celebrate Because It's Your Second Marriage

Some people like to keep their wedding a private affair, and one should be okay with that. Now, just because you are a divorcee planning your second wedding, it doesn't mean that you have to do it with pomp and grandeur. Yes, you can go all out and plan the wedding of your dreams; however, if you plan to keep it mellow, it's your choice. If you plan to tone down the wedding a bit, it's a mutual call between you and your partner. 

So no matter what society tells you, you are planning your second marriage, and it's your choice to do it the way you want. So as an outsider, if you are attending divorcee matrimony, don't think it's happening on a small scale because the person is ashamed. Remember, everyone is allowed to do what they want. 

What Will Society Say

Yes, your first marriage failed, yes, people might think it's your fault or you don't know how to value relationships. But amidst all this, what's more, important here is your mental peace and happiness. So if at any point you decide to get hitched again as a divorcee, think about your happiness. Society, as a whole, is a big myth; stop paying heed to it and only think about your wedding. You have finally found someone you can stay happy with, so that should be your focus. Don't think about what others will say. 

You Shouldn't Think About Second Marriage

As a divorcee, especially as a woman, people judge you the moment you talk about re-marriage. They talk about your failed marriage, how and why it failed and start judging you on those parameters. However, as a progressive woman, you must always remember that all this is a myth and nothing more. You, like any other individual, are allowed to think about a second wedding, and no one should have a problem with that. So if at all you plan a second marriage, go ahead, be wise and plan things well. Don't care about people or the myths they have about second marriages. 

Your Second Marriage Might Also Fail

Some people have that thing in them to make others feel pathetic, and if you have such toxic people in your life, it's time to cut off ties with them. Yes, you are divorced, and you are planning your second marriage, but that doesn't mean that it won't work out this time also. You have finally found someone who makes you happy, and that's what matters. You shouldn't care or be affected by this myth of what people say or how they will react. In your divorcee matrimony, what only matters is your happiness. And if you are happy, the half battle is won there. So don't think much about society; think about yourself. 

Your first marriage didn't work, and yes, you are planning a second one, so don't let such myths bring your spirits down. Be happy and plan the best wedding again. Go all out, have all the functions, celebrate it with your loved ones, cause trust us, nothing matters more than your happiness.

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