5 Dishes To Try At Kashmiri Matrimonial

Kashmiri Matrimony

Kashmiri matrimonials are known for their unique rituals, bridal outfits, customs, and so much more. However, one thing that makes it a must-attend and distinct is the flavorsome food served at Kashmiri matrimony. The Kashmiri cuisine is rich in spices; it's more curry-based and has a thick gravy texture making it a proper meal for wedding dishes. Yes, there are some dry snacks and starters, but here are five dishes that one needs to have in Kashmiri matrimonial. These dishes describe the cuisine, let you enjoy different rich spices, treat your taste buds and help you understand the culture a bit more. So if you are attending a Kashmiri matrimony soon, or are planning one, don't forget to try adding these dishes. 

With that said, read on and PS: keep some snacks with you since you are bound to get hungry while reading this. 

5 Food Items You Have To Try At A Kashmiri Matrimonial 

Kashmiri Dum Aloo

If you are a vegetarian, this dish is for you. No Kashmiri matrimonial is ever complete without Kashmiri Dum Aloo. Be it for wedding lunch or Valima dinner, Kashmiri Dum Aloo is prepared with curd, tons of spices, and cashews and is garnished with fresh cream. Baby potatoes are used for the Dum Aloo, and it's served with naan or hot chapatis. You can also savor this with Jeera rice, and we are sure you will love every bit of it. Ps: It's a bit spicy but very flavorsome, so enjoy the spice and have it slowly. 

Kashmiri Rista

You may find other dishes at several weddings across India, but one dish that's only available at a Kashmiri matrimonial is Kashmiri Rista. Known as a wedding dish, rista is a minced red gravy dish that is prepared in a unique way. The smoky flavor of this dish is further enhanced when you have plain basmati rice with it, and trust us, there's nothing like it. The minced meat is either chicken or mutton, and it's definitely a treat for non-vegetarians. PS: Even if you don’t attend a Kashmiri matrimonial, trying this dish at least once is a must. 

Kashmiri Rogan Josh

When in Kashmir, you cannot leave without having Rogan Josh. And when you attend a Kashmiri matrimonial, this is a one-star dish that's a part of every menu. Rogan Josh is a spicy, red lamb curry that is a typical Mughal dish and is cooked slowly for hours. The fragrance of this dish is a treat to your sensory organs, and the taste is top-notch. Yes, it's on a spicy side, but if you are spice intolerant, try having it a little. The dish is best paired with butter naan or pulav. 

Kashmiri Muji Gaad

A treat for non-vegetarians, Kashmiri Muji Gaad is made of fish and radish. It is one of the famous dishes that are not only found in Kashmiri matrimony but also a part of their food menu. The rich-flavored Kashmiri dish is made with lots of hot spices and herbs that give it a distinct taste and aroma of its own. The flavor of the fish with the zestiness of the radish is enough to entice your taste buds. Have it with Kashmiri bread or rice; we are sure this dish will surprise your taste buds with flavors you have never tasted. 

Kashmiri Lyodur Tschaman

Another pure vegetarian dish is a delight for vegetarian people. More popular in Kashmiri Pandit matrimony, Kashmiri Lyodur Tschaman is a delicious paneer dish served in thick yellow/orange gravy. The dish is prepared in full-fat cream; hence the texture is very creamy. In terms of spices, a good amount of peppers and chilies are used to give it a nice flavor. This dish is quite popular locally; hence adding it to the wedding menu is a must for your Kashmiri matrimony. So if you are vegetarian, trust us, this dish will definitely make your day. Kashmiri food is unique and has a lot to with flavors, and every dish served has its own flavors that make it so different from other dishes. 

We are sure just reading about these dishes have made you super hungry. So from the above-mentioned list, if there's one particular dish you would love to try at a Kashmiri matrimonial, which one would that be? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Also, which state are you from, and what's the most famous dish that one needs to taste at your weddings? Let us know in the comments too.

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