5 Destinations In Nepal Perfect For Your Nepali Matrimonial

Nepali Matrimonial

Planning your Nepali matrimonial in Nepal, but want to do it in a place other than Kathmandu? If yes, then we have curated a perfect list for you. From lakes to jungles and mountains, the neighboring country of India, Nepal, has tons of options to offer. No matter if you live in India or Nepal, you can still get hitched at these dreamy locations in Nepal. And we all know how important the wedding functions are; hence read on and finalize the perfect location for your Nepali Matrimonial right away. Each one of them is dreamy and offers a surreal Himalayan backdrop, so hurry to shortlist your favorite now. PS: Don't forget to thank us in the comments for the same. 

Destinations In Nepal You Must Consider For Your Nepali Matrimony Wedding


Also known as the city of lakes, Pokhara is one of the most serene places in Nepal that will give you foreign vibes. With the picturesque setting of the Himalayan mountain range, the stunning valley views, and the luxury properties and cafes, Pokhara is an ideal destination for you to plan your Nepali matrimonial. If you are planning a wedding here, then the best time is between Feb-May for comfortable weather. The winters here are harsh, so it's not advisable to plan a winter wedding here. And while you are there, don't forget to paraglide, hike and enjoy other adventurous activities. 


When people talk about Nepal, two places, Kathmandu and Pokhara top their list. However, Nepal has so much more to offer than just that. And if you are planning your Nepali matrimonial soon, you must consider Bandipur as well. The place is known to offer jungle safari, silkworm farms, and so much more. The Newari culture here is strongly present, which will make you fall in love with Bandipur. The best time to visit here for a wedding is in March-May. In terms of properties, you must check out The Old Inn, and we are sure you will love it. 


Want to get married amid the backdrop of Mount Everest? If yes, then Nagarkot is for you. Located around 1.5 hours from Kathmandu, Nagarkot is a quaint town that offers magnificent views of the Mt. Everest peak. And if you want to plan your Nepali matrimonial with Everest as a backdrop, then the best time to plan the wedding is between October-April. However, you must bear the fact in mind that this one is going to be an actual winter wedding, and the weather is going to be super chilly. In terms of properties, Club Himalayan Resort offers great mountain views and will be perfect for a quaint intimate wedding. 


One of the smallest hill stations in Nepal, this one is perfect for getting married in a rural setting. If you are planning an intimate Nepali matrimonial and want the lush trees and mountainscapes as your backdrop, then this place is perfect for you. From botanical gardens to hills, it has everything to offer. Plan a small wedding at Godavari Village Resort between February-April, and we are sure you will have one heck of a time. It's smaller in comparison to other cities in Nepal, but the vibe it has to offer cannot be compared to Kathmandu and other towns in the country. 


Known to offer breathtaking scenic views, Sarangkot is a paradise to witness some surreal sunset and sunrise. With stunning mountain views and other activities to offer, Sarangkot is perfect for your Nepali matrimonial if you are looking to mix some adventure with your wedding. Check out the Sarangkot Sherpa Resort for the wedding, and we are sure you will love it. Plan the wedding between February – April, and September – November; however, the cold weather should be considered by all means. 

Weddings are fun, and if you plan them well, they turn out to be straight out of a fairytale. With that said, if you are planning your Nepali matrimonial soon, we have curated the perfect location guide for you. Do let us know in the comments which city would you prefer for the wedding and why. And if you have some other locations in Nepal to suggest, mention them in the comments below.

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