5 Cities Perfect For You Destination Kannada Matrimonial

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Thanks to the pandemic, destination weddings, and intimate weddings have become the new favorite. People now prefer getting hitched in a quaint setting in the presence of their loved ones instead of calling 100s to the wedding. And, if you are planning a Kannada matrimonial of your dreams and are looking for some wedding destination options, here are five cities in South India that are perfect for your Kannada matrimonial. Read on, shortlist one of these cities, and you can thank us later. 

Cities In South India That You Must Consider For Your Kannada Matrimonial 

Varkala, Kerala

When we talk about Kerala, places like Wayanad, Munnar, and Alleppey top our list; however, Kerala has so much more to offer than just these places. So if you are planning to have a destination for Kannada matrimony, add Varkala to your list. Known for its untouched virgin beaches, Varkala is never flocked with tourists, which makes it THE perfect wedding destination. The pristine beaches, gorgeous beach properties, and even better food make this a must-choose city for a beach wedding. So, if you are planning a wedding in September-March, pick Varkala, and we are sure you will not regret it. The town also has a 2000-year-old Janardhanaswamy Temple, which is a perfect place to get married. 

Gokarna Karnataka

If you are planning your Kannada Matrimony in Karnataka itself, there's no other better place than Gokarna for your matrimonial. Often known as a calmer version of Goa, this temple-town has stunning beach properties to offer. You can rent the Kudle Beach View Resort or book a big house on Airbnb- the choice is yours. From OM beach to Namaste beach, beaches in Gokarna are untouched, making it a perfect place for getting hitched. You can plan a wedding here in October-February so that the weather is cool enough for you to enjoy all the functions. Gokarna lies between Goa and Karwar and is just an 8-9 hours drive from Bangalore. 


If you want to have a theme wedding, then Pondicherry is perfect for you. A union territory in the south of India, Pondicherry gives you French vibes the moment you visit the White Town. From colorful lanes to beautiful properties, beaches and cafes, Pondicherry is a perfect place for a weekend wedding. The Promenade, which is right opposite the promenade beach, and La Villa- a stunning villa in Pondy, are some of the best properties to plan your Kannada Matrimonial. You must also know that being a union territory, alcohol and food in Pondi is cheaper than in other places in the south. Hence, if you are planning to celebrate your matrimony on a grand scale, choose the pond and save some money on food and alcohol. 

Mulki, Mangalore

Also known as the surfing destination of India, Mulki is again an offbeat city in South India, which is perfect for your Kannada matrimonial. It has picturesque views and stunning properties to offer, which makes it a perfect combo if you want to have an intimate wedding. And while Mulki is known for its beaches, it is also known to offer the best sunset views. And trust us, there's nothing better than a sunset wedding. So if you love beaches and enjoy sunsets, add this town to your list. In terms of properties, you can rent the Aryan Beach house, which is 3.6Km from Mulki, and plan an intimate wedding with your loved ones.  The beach house is a bit expensive, but if you are planning an intimate wedding with limited people, it will fit well in your budget. 

Bekal, Kerala

A small town located in the  Kasaragod district of Kerala, Bekal is again an offbeat destination that is not covered by many. And if you are looking for offbeat places for your destination wedding, add Bekal to your list. You must check out the Vivanta by Taj property in Bekal. Set amid the serene backwaters of Kerala, the 26-acre property is perfect for a vintage theme wedding. The garden and the easy access to the Kappil beach shoreline make it the perfect wedding location in Bekal. So gather your friends and family, head straight to this property, and plan the Kannada matrimonial of your dreams. Ps: The property is a bit expensive, but if you can afford it, there’s nothing like it. 

Intimate weddings have a charm that big fat weddings can never have. Yes, big-fat weddings, that's what Indian weddings are all about, but if you are planning an intimate one, trust us, getting hitched at these places in South India should be on your list. Each of these cities has a quaint vibe which makes them perfect for your Kannada matrimonial. Which city from these will be your preference for a matrimonial? We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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