5 Benefits Of Inter Caste Marriage That No One Talks About

Inter Caste Marriage

'Inter caste Marriage' is one of those terms that people still consider taboo in India. Yes, we live in the 21st century, in a free country, with freedom of speech and freedom to choose & live on our terms. But when it comes to marriages in India, all our modern values and thoughts take a backseat, while the age-old customs become the epicentre of everything. Societal rules and norms outweigh the freedom to choose the right things. And when it's inter-caste marriage, the difficulties increase furthermore. However, we fail to realize that just like other marriages, inter-caste marriage is okay too. And to justify our statement, here are five benefits of inter-caste marriage that you must know right now. 

So, are you ready to make the notes?  It's time to let go of the old school rules and embrace the new ones with equal pride! 

5 Benefits Of Inter-caste Marriage That You Must Know 

  1. It Helps You Grow And Broadens Your Perspective: Marriage, as a whole, helps you grow as an individual because there are so many things you learn about your partner once you get married. And while marriage, in general, requires a lot of work, inter-caste marriage is no different. But the best thing about inter-caste marriage is that when two people from different religions get married, their thoughts and perspectives change. They tend to understand the other religion better, become more tolerant, and effortlessly adapt to the other cultures. The way you look at life changes, and every day you learn something and grow. You not only learn about the person and their family but also learn about their religion, which makes the marriage more beautiful and sacred. 
  1. You, Will, be Better At Adjusting: Adjustments are a part of our daily lives. Marriage or not, there's no successful relationship without adjustments. And when it comes to marriages in India, the first thing we are expected to learn is adjusting with our partner and their family. And that's where, we think, inter-caste marriage has the upper hand. One of the benefits of inter-caste marriage is that you live in a house where the culture is different. And sometimes, you may not approve of or follow certain rituals and customs, but adjusting and working around them will be easy for you. You will learn to accept people with their rituals and respect their religion more, whether you believe it or not. And that's the biggest advantage. 
  1. Your Kids Will Get The Best Of Both Worlds: While there are a plethora of benefits of inter-caste marriage, one key benefit is that you will be able to give your kids the best value possible. Being from different castes, your perspective and take on things will be different and modern. And you will ensure that your kid inhibits the same values. They will not only learn to treat every religion with respect but also learn to respect everyone's choices. They will be more open, sympathetic, and understanding towards others, which is the need of the hour. They will have the perfect blend of modern and traditional values, which help them connect with people from other faiths in a better way. And these children will help build a better world for everyone. 
  1. You, Will, Get To Embrace More Festivals: Marriages in India are no less than a carnival. And one of the biggest benefits of inter-caste marriage is that one will get to enjoy double the functions and rituals. Every religion has its own set of festivals - Diwali is widely celebrated by the Hindus, while EID is for the Muslims. And when you have an inter-caste marriage, you get to celebrate both equally. You will learn a lot about your partner's festivals and will make sure to step up the game and do everything possible to enjoy the celebrations. Similarly, your partner will also make an extra effort to ensure that your festivals are celebrated with pomp and galore as you celebrate theirs. And double the festivals, means tons of sweets and delicious food, which is always a good deal. 
  1. You, Will, Understand The Importance Of Being Kind: As Millenials, we understand the importance of equality and treating people the same irrespective of their caste, creed, and background - however, sometimes unintentionally, we tend to hurt the sentiments of people by making sly remarks on their religion and background. And when we decide to go with intercaste wedding, our tolerance and awareness about other religions will automatically increase. We will start thinking twice before speaking, empathize more, and that counts as one of the benefits of inter-caste marriage. More than anything, we will understand the importance of being kind to everyone and give everyone a fair chance before jumping to any conclusion. 

Contrary to what people think, what society wants us to believe, just like other marriages in India, inter-caste marriage is normal too. And it's high time that we keep the cons behind and focus on the pros as well. Every relationship comes with its set of inhibitions, doubts, and cons, but it's on us whether to focus just on the negative or consider the positive as well. So, to people who think that nothing good can ever come out of inter-caste marriage, well, we are sorry to break the bubble! Like other marriages in India, intercaste marriage is good, and people want to take the bold step and do it, and we must definitely support them. 

What are your thoughts on inter-caste marriages? We would love to know more about it from you. Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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