13 Marathi Matchmaking Rituals That Make Them So Simple And Elegant

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India has several states, and in every state, you will come across weddings that are different from the rest. Every state has a set of rituals  beautifully encapsulated in its weddings. Kerala weddings are known for their rituals, while Telugu weddings are known for luxury.However, when it comes to Marathi matrimonial, they are known for their elegance and simplicity. Weddings in Maharashtra are about colors, fun, and love. You may not find larger-than-life decor, but the rituals are enough to wow you. There’s something about Marathi matchmaking and that makes it unique, special and an affair worth remembering. 

So if you are going to get married in Marathi-style matrimony or attend one soon, here are some fun rituals you must know . These rituals are simple, less time-consuming, and equally fun to be a part of. Check these rituals out and you can thank us later once you are a part of them. 

Marathi Matrimonial Rituals You Must Know About

  1. Engagement:- Also known as SakharPuda, in Marathi matrimony, this is a pre-wedding ceremony where the groom and bride exchange rings and seek their parents' blessings. The bride also receives gifts from the groom's family. The groom's mother gives her daughter-in-law a traditional saree and some sweets. This ceremony is quite common across all Hindu weddings and is celebrated in its own way and in different themes. 
  1. Kelvan:- This wedding ritual takes place just a few days before the actual wedding. As a part of this Marathi Matchmaking ritual, the bride and groom offer prayers to their holy God, also known as Kuldevta. The couple also prays for their happy married life and expresses their gratitude to God for showering them with so much happiness. Once the ritual is done, an intimate lunch is organized with close relatives and family members. 
  1. Halad Chadavne:- Yes, it is a Haldi ceremony! But in a Marathi matchmaking style. The ritual is held at both bride and groom's residence. The bride is dressed in a yellow or white saree and adorns beautiful flower jewelry whereas the groom wears a dhoti and pairs it with a basic Kurta. The turmeric paste is then applied to the bride's and groom's bodies, and the family members also dance and play with the leftover haldi. Haldi not only helps with glowing skin but also has healing power. 
  1. Seemant Pujan:- This ritual takes place on the day of the wedding. Here, once the groom arrives at the wedding venue, the bride's mother washes his feet with rose water, and then before the rituals take place, the families exchange gifts and sweet treats with each other and then move on to other rituals.  
  1. Gauri Puja:- This puja is performed by the bride where she prays to Goddess Parvati. As a part of the Marathi matrimonial ritual, the bride has to wear a yellow-colored saree and a piece of floral jewelry across her forehead, known as Mundavalya in Marathi. 
  1. Antarpat:- This wedding ritual is similar to the Bengali wedding ritual, where the groom and bride aren't supposed to see each other. A silk shawl acts as a barrier between the couple, and once the priest is done reciting the spiritual mantras, the bride and groom can look at each other. 
  1. Sankalp Rituals:- This ritual takes place once the priest is done chanting the holy mantras. The silk shawl is removed, and the guests shower the couple with rice grains while the couple exchange garlands. Some family members also make this ceremony fun by trying to lift the groom or bride so that the other one takes extra effort to put the garland. Sounds fun, right?
  1. Kanyadaan:- This wedding ritual symbolizes that the father of the bride is officially handing over his daughter to the groom. He gives the blessing to the couple, and after that, the groom ties the Mangalsutra around the bride’s neck, and fills her forehead partition with red sindoor. And the bride, in return, applies Chandan bindi to the groom on his forehead. 
  1. Saptapadi:- After one part of the wedding ritual is performed, the groom and the bride take seven holy rounds around the fire. And in that process, the bride touches seven betel nuts and small mounds of rice with her feet after each round. 
  1. Karamsampati:- This ritual is quite popular in Marathi matchmaking. Here, the bride, groom and their parents pray to the lord for their happy married life and well-being. And the bride's brothers also take an opportunity to twist the groom's ear while warning him to always take care of their sister. After all this fun, the family goes to the dining area to savor the grand lunch. 
  1. Varat:- In this post-wedding ritual, the bride bids goodbye to her family and is welcomed into her new family by her in-laws and husband. This ritual is similar to Bidaai and is common across all Hindu weddings. 
  1. Grihapravesh:- The bride enters her new house, and the homecoming ritual is performed for her. The groom's family washes the bride's feet with milk and water, and then the bride kicks the Kalash filled with rice. and enters her new house with the right foot first.
  1. Reception:- This is the last function of most  Hindu weddings. Here the bride and groom, let loose and enjoy each other's company. They dance, eat, sing, and make merry with everyone involved in the wedding. 

Marathi matchmaking is all in all very simple. Maharashtrians like to keep their wedding simple, and hence they don't go overboard with anything. From decor to food, everything is simple yet tasteful and elegant. The bride may not wear heaps of gold, but her Navari saree is enough to steal the show. So if you are going to be a Maharashtrian bride or attend a wedding soon,  we hope these rituals will help you understand the nuptials better. 

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