11 Things To Keep In Mind Before Registering On Indian Matrimonial Sites

Indian Matrimonial

Finding an ideal life partner can be challenging at times. While many people find love offline via friends, acquaintances, and college, a lot of us also rely on matrimonial sites to find ONE. And while we register online looking for a partner, there are a few things we never consider, and that at times, cause bad encounters. However, bad experiences can always be avoided. Right from choosing the right filters to doing a thorough research and sharing the correct details, here are 11 things that you must keep in mind while registering on a matchmaking site to have a pleasant experience. 

11 Helpful Tips That’ll Help You Find The Match Of Your Dreams On Matrimonial Sites

  1. Check the authenticity of the site: Before registering on a matrimonial site, it's imperative to check its authenticity. The virtual world has various sites, and it's always better to do a little research before choosing a matchmaking site to make the profile. Talk to your friends and family, read reviews, if possible, connect with people who have found their matches through these sites, and once you are sure, only then register online. Doing background research always helps since it not only builds your trust on the site; but assures that you do have the chances of finding the ONE. 
  1. Take Charge of Your Profile: The process of registering on an Indian Matrimonial can be overwhelming at times- however, you must remember that it's necessary to take the matter into your hands while registering on the site. Hide necessary stuff like your contact details, address etc. If the person is genuinely interested in you, let the person send you a request and post that once things look fine, you can share your details and ask your family to do the talking first. 
  1. Don't forget to use the necessary filters: Every Indian matchmaking site provides a set of filters that you can use to find the perfect match. After filtering the basic information, make sure to block the unwanted. Some people might approach you with wrong intentions, so it's prudent to block them in the first go itself. If you find people messaging you in weird ways or are asking for money, go ahead and report their account. The last thing you want is a fraud on your profile. 
  1. Make Sure You Keep Your Parents In Loop: On matchmaking sites, not everyone is sincere; some are there for fun, while others genuinely want a nice partner. So to be safe from any frauds, once you like someone and want to take things forward, make sure to keep your parents in loop. No, you don’t need to involve your parents right from the beginning, but when things get a bit serious, it’s always better to involve them. So get on the app, explore it, speak to people and once you think this can go somewhere, involve your folks. 
  1. Be real: With many fake profiles on matrimonial sites- at times, it gets difficult to find an ideal match. And if you are looking to find the perfect one online, it's only fair to be authentic. Whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever your social standing is, please provide correct information. Don't fake it to keep the other person in the dark. Being genuine always helps. 
  1. Verify, verify and verify: All the Indian matrimonial sites verify the users- however, sometimes, people find multiple ways to fool and fraud others. So it's always advisable to stay alert and verify everyone you connect with online. Never share all the details with people in the first few instances. Always take your time, skim through their social media profiles, check if you have any mutual connections, verify the person's background thoroughly, and only then take the next plunge. 
  1. Involve the family: Yes, it's you who wants to get hitched, so once you are done with the research, involve your family. Share more about the person with your family, let them know you are in talks with the person and inform them about the progress. Your parents have a good amount of experience, so whatever decision they take will come from that experience and moreover, it will help you make an informed decision. 
  1. Never approach the person first: If you are interested in a profile, share the person's contact details with your parents or someone you trust dearly. And if the affection is mutual, wait for a while to see if the other person is making the first move. When it comes to the Betterhalf app, unlike other apps, the app gives an upper hand to women. The app is paid for males and free for females, so if a guy is seriously interested in connecting with you, he will pay for it, and you too will understand whether the affection is mutual or not. 
  1. Start with the basic profile: Once you think about registering on the matrimonial site, you will start receiving multiple calls from the company to update your profile to a premium level or a diamond level. However, you should explore the basic version first, get acquainted with the filters and features, and then if you think you need an upgraded plan or professional help, only then go for the paid accounts. Always start with the basics, and then once you are ok with the site, you can upgrade. While other apps give you a chance to pay for different upgrades, Betterhalf is FREE for women. Yep, the app aims to give the first preference to women and hence, if a man wants to approach the women he likes, he has to pay for it. This allows women to know if the person is serious and also helps to filter out the creeps. 
  1. Don't have unrealistic expectations: Yes, we all deserve love- however, when it comes to finding love online on matchmaking sites, you can't expect the person to be perfect. Everyone has flaws, so instead of rejecting the person on the first go, if you are genuinely interested, make an effort to know the person well, and then decide where you want to proceed with the person or not. 
  1. It takes time: Just like other things, finding a partner is also a slow process. So once you register on a matchmaking site, don't expect to find a perfect one in a week or a month. Good things take time, it's a long process, and if you take things slowly, you will definitely end up with someone you have always dreamt about. So if things don't work out in a month, don't lose hope, sooner or later you will definitely find the one that’s perfect for you. 

So if you are planning to register on a matrimonial site, make sure to keep these things in mind. We are sure you will definitely find your ideal match soon.

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