10 Trendy Marathi Matrimonial Songs To Make Your Guests Groove At Your Wedding

Marathi Matrimony

Marathi Matrimonial weddings are fun, simple, and quite traditional. However, what makes them fun is that it lets you dance your heart out. Yep, Marathi songs are trendy and upbeat, making them great foot-tapping numbers. And if you are planning to get hitched in Marathi-style matrimony and are on the verge of finalizing songs and DJ, we have the perfect list for you. Here are 10-trendy Marathi Matrimonial songs you HAVE to add to your list. Without these songs, your wedding functions are incomplete. So without further ado, add these 10 perfect songs to your Marathi Matrimonial song list and make the most of your wedding. 

Marathi Matrimonial Songs Without Which Your List Is Incomplete 

  1. Zingaat: This iconic song from Sairat deserves to be on your Marathi Matrimonial song list ASAP. With throbbing beats and fun lyrics, this song sets the vibe of the parties, and your wedding is no less than a big grand party. Add this song to your list and dance your heart out with your squad on this peppy number. 
  1. Kombadi Palali: This fun song from the movie Jatra, has been ruling our hearts since 2007, and even to date, one can never get enough of this song. So if you are planning to go all out on your Marathi Matrimony, how can you miss out on this song? Add this to your list and expect all the guests to burn the dance floor with their killer movies. PS: The song Chikni Chameli was inspired by this uber-cool song. 
  1. Dhagala Lagli Kala: If you love watching Marathi movies and enjoy dancing to Marathi songs, we are sure you know how iconic this song is. Dhagala Lagli Kala is not only Dada Kondke's biggest hit but is the most popular Marathi song ever, so adding this to your list will only make your functions bigger and better. 
  1. Aatach Baya Ka Baavarla: If you want to dedicate a song to your handsome groom, add this romantic song from Sairat to your Marathi Matrimony song list. It not only describes the feelings you have for your groom but helps relieve all the moments you have spent together. PS: Try doing a romantic slow dance on this number, and we are sure everyone in the audience will love it. 
  1. Mala Jau Dya Na Ghari: This song is from the famous movie Natrang and if you add this song to your list, expect everyone on your guest list to go all out and sing this out loud. It's a cult song without which your Marathi matrimony song list is incomplete. So make sure that you don't miss out on this for sure. 
  1. Gorya Gorya Galavari: Another fun hit from the legendary Ajay-Atul, this song from the movie Tujhya Majhya Sansarala Kay Hava’ is a song which crowd's favorite. Add this song to your Marathi Matrimonial list and turn your wedding evening into a karaoke night because we are sure everyone will sing this one. 
  1. Navri Ni Navryachi Swari: Released in 2013 from the famous movie Mangalashtak Once More, this song is the ULTIMATE dance number for weddings. The song has great energy and an even better vibe, and we are sure your guests won't be able to control their urge to dance after listening to this song. 
  1. Navrai Majhi: This song from the Bollywood Movie, English Vinglish, needs no introduction. If you are having Mehendi, Haldi, and other such functions, then adding this song to your list is a must. It gives you a very happy wedding vibe, which is the vibe you are aiming for. So for the day functions, add this song to your Marathi Matrimonial list. Alternatively, you can also ask your bridesmaids to prepare a small choreography for this song for your wedding. 
  1. Galyat Sankali Sonyachi: If you are a 90's kid, we are sure you have grown up listening to this classic song from the movie 'Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin.' The evergreen love song is still relevant even in the 2000s, so make sure to add it to your Marathi Matrimonial list; we are sure it will be a great addition to the wedding playlist. Ps: If you are in the mood to dance with your partner before dancing with everyone on the dance floor, choose this song, and you'll thank us later for the recommendation. 
  1. Rasikachya Lagnat: This famous Marathi song is sung by Jagdish Patil, and while the song has a cool vibe, it's the foot-tapping beats that we are a fan of. So ensure to add this one to your list and let your guests move their bodies to the tempo of the song. It's an old song, but as they say, old is gold, and this one is.

On this note, which Marathi song is your all-time favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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