10 Things That Make Telugu Matrimony Standout

telugu matchmaking

Do you know what makes Indian weddings so unique? Well, the fact that every wedding in India is discrete and culturally unique. While South Indian weddings are culturally rich and diverse, Telugu matchmaking stands out for their uniqueness. When it comes to Telugu weddings, they are related to Tamil weddings.However, there are some rituals and customs that make  Telugu matrimonials unique. From focusing on spirituality to laying emphasis on respect for women - Here are ten ways in which Telugu matrimony is different from other South Indian weddings. 

10 Things That Make Telugu Matrimonial Unique

  1. Equality And Respect For Women: When it comes to Telugu matrimony, one thing that we love the most is that they are supremely respectful towards women. No Telugu wedding is held to be complete till the women of the family participate in the proceedings. In the Telugu matchmaking process, both men and women are treated equally and follow the same wedding rituals. 
  1. Grand Decor: While florals and lights are wow for weddings, when it comes to Telugu weddings, they all have eye-catching decor, with Tirupati Balaji and Shree being the center of it all. The decor theme they ordinarily follow is gold with no compromise on aesthetics, which makes Telugu matrimonial decor quite captivating. If you want to experience luxury, aesthetically pleasing decor, and royalty, you should definitely attend a Telugu wedding once. 
  1. Distinct Traditions: Telugu matrimonials are known for their unique pre-wedding traditions. One such  is Mangal Snaanam - where the bride and the groom have a sacred bath celebrating  their transition from single  to married life. The women in the family bathe the lovely bride and post that prayer is offered to the scared god. The bride worships Lord Ganesh and Gauri, whereas the groom wears a sacred thread and gets ready for the wedding in his house. 
  1. Unique Bridal Entry: Unique traditions make Telugu matchmaking stand out, and one such unique tradition worth mentioning is the bridal entry. In diverse communities, a Telugu bride enters the mandapam in a bamboo basket. The basket in which the bride enters, is carried by her maternal uncle, and this entry style definitely is a must-watch. While modern brides in Telugu matrimony don't agree with this tradition, it's still an old tradition  fun to watch. 
  1. Key focus On Spirituality: There's no Indian wedding without Traditions, but one thing that makes Telugu matrimony best from the rest is that instead of focusing more on religions and customs, they give more importance to spirituality and symbolism. Every ceremony that takes place during a wedding has a sense of symbolism attached to it. 
  1. Telugu Weddings Are Long Lasting: Back in the days, Telugu weddings used to last for 16 days. Yep, you read that right! The wedding ceremonies would go on for 16 days.  However, now, with the fast-paced life we are leading, the wedding promptly gets done within 2-3 days. Imagine what fun it would be to enjoy a 16-day wedding!  
  1. The Custom Way of Inviting Guests: Today, e-invites are a thing. People prefer sharing invites to their near and dear ones on email, WhatsApp, or via post. However, in Telugu matchmaking, invites are still a big deal. And to make sure that it's done the right way, the families of the couple visit the guests in person and invite them to the wedding. Kumkum, along with the invitation card, is given to the guests for good luck. Telugu people still believe in the value of inviting people in person, and very rarely opt for e-invites. 
  1. Games And Fun: While traditions are important, having fun is equally necessary for Telugu weddings. Hence, in every Telugu matrimony, there are various fun games involved, which not only helps the guest enjoy the long-dragged wedding but also leaves them amused. Guests can also participate in some games. One such game is the game of dominance, where the Telugu groom makes his bride wear a silver ring on the toes, which symbolizes that he is claiming his wife.
  1. Gluey Blessings: Every Tradition in Telugu matrimonial is so distinguished that we cannot help but appreciate it furthermore. And one such wedding that takes place between the bride and the groom is Jeera Kala-Bellamy. Once the bride enters the Mandapam, a curtain is placed between her and the groom. The priest begins his chants and mantras, and then at the auspicious time, the couple gets a sticky leaf with a mixture of cumin seeds and jaggery. The bride and groom place this gooey leaf on each other's heads, and the curtain between them is removed. This tradition sounds weird, but it signifies that the bond between the couple is going to be unbreakable, similar to the concoction of jaggery and cumin, which is hard to separate once blended. It takes a few days for this mix to wash out of the couple's hair. As mentioned earlier, every custom that takes place in Telugu matrimony holds a special meaning. 
  1. Unique Custom Of Talambralu: Last but not least is the unique culture of Talambralu, where the bride and the groom are given a handful of pearls and turmeric-mixed-rice by the holy priest. And the couple holds them in their hands, and once the priest starts with the sacred chants, they emit the concoction over each other's heads. Now, doesn’t that sound cool? Such traditions make the wedding procession even more interesting. 

Such fun traditions and customs, with deep-rooted meaning attached to them, make Telugu matchmaking process so distinct. With symbolism, fun, and spirituality attached to it, attending a Telugu wedding can definitely take you one step closer to the customs and traditions of India, which are diverse, rich, and most certainly noteworthy.

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